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Name Version License Source Languages
Libraries of the data sources, services and processing
Main library 2.2 GPLv2 OscadaLibs.db (SQL, GZip) > DAQ.tmplb_base en, uk, ru
Industrial devices library 3.0 GPLv2 OscadaLibs.db (SQL, GZip) > DAQ.tmplb_DevLib en, uk, ru
Low level sensors and chips library 1.6 GPLv2 OscadaLibs.db (SQL, GZip) > DAQ.tmplb_LowDevLib en, uk, ru
Service procedures library 1.2 GPLv2 OscadaLibs.db (SQL, GZip) > DAQ.JavaLikeCalc.servProc en, uk, ru
Regulation elements library 1.0 GPLv2 OscadaLibs.db (SQL, GZip) > DAQ.JavaLikeCalc.regEl en, uk, ru
Library of models of the technological apparatuses 2.0 GPLv2 OscadaLibs.db (SQL, GZip) > DAQ.JavaLikeCalc.techApp en, uk, ru
Graphical elements' libraries of the OpenSCADA module UI.VCAEngine
Main elements library of the user interface 2.2 GPLv2 vcaBase.db (SQL, GZip) > VCA.wlb_Main en, uk, ru
Mnemonic elements library of the user interface 1.0 GPLv2 vcaBase.db (SQL, GZip) > VCA.wlb_mnEls en, uk, ru
Electrical elements library of the user interface 2.0 GPLv2 vcaElectroEls.db (SQL, GZip) > VCA.wlb_ElectroEls en, uk, ru
Combined libraries
Reports' and documents' library 2.0, 2.1 GPLv2

OscadaLibs.db (SQL, GZip) > DAQ.JavaLikeCalc.doc
vcaBase.db (SQL, GZip) > VCA.wlb_doc

en, uk, ru
Prescriptions 1.1, 1.1 GPLv2

OscadaLibs.db (SQL, GZip) > DAQ.tmplb_PrescrTempl
vcaBase.db (SQL, GZip) > VCA.wlb_prescr

en, uk, ru