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1 Policy

1.1 Actual

The main process of developing performs by the author and main developer OpenSCADA Roman Savochenko and he's pointed the process respectively. The developing exclusively goes into the work version by the targeting stabilization and extension during the user solutions implementing. From begin of year 2016 the road map was updated and the process of preparing and releasing of the stable version 0.9 LTS was started after achievement of the current work version to some acceptable stability level at introduction of all key changes into the project architecture and conception. The previous/current stable version 0.8 LTS has been continued to updating all the time!

Then main time and efforts of the developers currently pointed to finish the conditional tasks of a new stable version 0.9 LTS releasing.

1.2 Generic

The project OpenSCADA is an open-source software which developed and distributed mostly under GPL v.2 license then the work largely performs on the enthusiasm of professional developers, who do not receive direct compensation for it and pay for their work and efforts, based on self-interest and principles of the open source software. Each developer of the project OpenSCADA has self policy of participation into the project by its: giving time, holding parts of the project, condition of providing free support on the forum, etc.

1.2.1 Roman Savochenko participation

Roman Savochenko is the project's author, leader and main developer then he giving full time for and holding all parts (server infrastructure, WWW, knowledge base, file and other resources, the project policy and developing, etc) of the project.

Due high employment into the main processes of the project Roman Savochenko provides too limited free support on the forum and guaranty reply there for:

  • professional and qualified questions about the project developing;
  • bug notifications in accordance to the forum specific rules;
  • generic and unspecific for user questions which are not show proper into the project's documentation in accordance to the forum generic rules; for well described questions into the documentation or into responses of the previous questions Roman Savochenko can response once and for newbies, then use proper the your chance and read the presented resources before!

1.3 Participation and aid for the project

Although part of the work the developers were done and are doing by the scheme of providing the commercial services like support and target development, there are situations when it is impossible to implement a particular extension or function due for limitations of time and material resources of the developers. In this situation you can help:

  • If you have experience in software development, designer instincts, knowledge of languages that are not supported by OpenSCADA, as well as the desire to improve the project, you can join the development team and contribute. You can offer your help on the project's forum or by contacting the main project's developer Roman Savochenko.
  • To make a donation, thus thanked the developers for their work and contributed to more active development of the project and its infrastructure subsequently. You can make the remittance using the following here link.
  • To buy a package of technical support, thereby guaranteeing yourself prompt assistance in solving possible problems in both: the development of solutions and the operation of OpenSCADA. To read about and buy a package of technical support you can by following the link.
  • To order a consultation for using or learning for work into OpenSCADA environment. To read about and order you can by the link.
  • To order the development of extension; the creation of functional; the creation of customized solution and product; the creation of a complex turn-key solution of tasks of the automated control systems (ACS) with OpenSCADA in their basis. To read about and order you can by the link.

In this context I would like to mention one important point! Software development based on a policy of openness and freedom brings to the philosophy of software using new features. Thus, the distinction between the user and the developer is smeared because the developer-user creates the software to solve his tasks, while the simple user in one or another way motivates the creation of the self necessary functions and tasks by the developer. Conclusion: The absence of any function (feature) it is just a temporary state of free software, while there was no user who needs this function (feature), which means the software optimally solves the tasks of its present users. Any criticism of the lack of a functional in this case breaks by its uselessness to the users or by the unwillingness of most users, which often criticize the lack of a functional, to do anything to solve their problem!

2 Works

2.1 General development map (RoadMap)

This page contains general development map. Generic elements of this map is official releases of system OpenSCADA. To view functions which are to be given by the release here can be described key changes in the system and their release dates or progress. RoadMap page

2.2 To do tasks

The plan is not connected to time but it is structured per subsystems. The plan serves to describe the overall picture of development and to make notes for the considering of developers. Developers may mark tasks which are to be done. To do tasks' page

2.3 Completed tasks

This report generalize the work of all developers and provides the full picture of changes per items. Completed tasks.

2.4 Tests, analysis of work

This page contains results of testing OpenSCADA system includes the releases tests, intermediate and comparative tests, subsystems, and also analysis of work and activity for optimization. Tests page