Consulting and Training


In the studying process of OpenSCADA you may need help in mastering both basic and advanced features of the program.

A good option is to use the OpenSCADA community forum. However you shouldn't expect there detailed answers and deepening into subject of the question, because opponents of the novice user are novices also, also as the advanced users and developers of OpenSCADA directly, who however are busy people and do not have to spend their own time to answers in the forum. This is especially actual of issues that are non-constructive or that clearly demonstrate a lack of awareness of the novice user with a freely available documentation on the subject matter.

Another option is to purchase a technical support package. However, this option does not provide high-speed communication, it is limited in the number of requests for an extended period of time, and provides the problems solving, rather than direct consulting.

If you still need the personal support of an experienced user or a developer with its guaranteed consulting during the mastering the program, for example, when performing responsible work with tight deadlines, you can purchase the necessary time of consultations. You can familiarize with the specialists lists, who are engaged in such activities, the service price and select anyone on Opens external link in new windowthe page of works about OpenSCADA. To purchase of consulting time of the selected specialist you can: send an email or an instantaneous message relating to his contacts, send a personal message (need enter the site) in the forum or write a request in the "Opens external link in new windowFeatures and service request" section of the forum. If the service is requested from the developer, you can pay for the required time immediately and specify it upon the request. The service is provided through the technical support forum section, if from the developer, or through EMail, Jabber, phone and other available communication methods; through which the time is accounted and periodically notified.

To implement the targeted and mass training of work with OpenSCADA can be organized the specialized training courses both independently and as part of various conferences and seminars. What will be reported in the project's news.