The project of an open SCADA system "OpenSCADA" is largely developed on the enthusiasm of professional developers, who do not receive direct compensation for it and pay for their work and efforts, based on self-interest and principles of the open source software. Although the part of work is done by the scheme of providing the commercial services like to support and target development, there are situations when it is impossible to implement a particular extension or function due to limitations of time and material resources of developers and simple uselessness of this extension personally for developers.

In this situation the potential user, who needs one or another function, extension, implementation, or introduction, can order it directly from the team of OpenSCADA developers.

OpenSCADA developers team  provides the following services:

  • The development of extensions and modules to support new data sources, archivers, databases, interaction interfaces, etc.

  • Implementation of new functionality to existing components of OpenSCADA, as well as porting and adaptation to work on other hardware and software platforms.

  • Creating of customized solutions and products based on and on with the OpenSCADA system, for example:

    • Creation of a specialized assemblages of OpenSCADA with a limited set of modules and pre-set configuration, including long-term support.

    • Development of solutions for the manufacturing equipment, which will be managed by OpenSCADA: programmable logic controllers (PLCs); boards, panels and control cabinets, automated workstations (AWS).

    • Development of full feature models for technological processes. Used for presenting the technological process, control algorithms debug and operators training. 

    • Development of software products based on OpenSCADA and distributed as a boxed version with commercial support.

  • Creation of complex solutions of the automated control systems (ACS) with OpenSCADA in their basis. For example, the implementation of complex automation of technological processes of various industries with PLCs, PCS servers and AWS.

You can familiarize with the specialists lists, who are engaged in such activities, the service price and select anyone on Opens external link in new windowthe page of works about OpenSCADA. To order of a development of the selected specialist you can: send an email or an instantaneous message relating to his contacts, send a personal message (need enter the site) in the forum or write a request in the "Opens external link in new windowFeatures and service request" section of the forum. After agreeing on the conditions and Внутренняя ссылка открывается в текущем окнеthe payment the task of implementation is transferred to the section "Внутренняя ссылка открывается в текущем окнеDevelopment", where the customer can monitor the implementation.

You can read about the already created solutions based on OpenSCADA by this and this Opens external link in new windowlink.