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This update of the 0.8 LTS release fixes about 10 bugs and appends some improvements, which you can read wholly in the update ChangeLog.

  • SYS: User API function XMLNodeObj::childIns() is fixed for XMLNodeObj argument 1.
    • DAQ.Templates,Protocol.ModBus: Previous row using as template at one new creation is added. String labels enumeration is added by strLabEnum().
    • SYS.{WorkDir,IcoDir,ModDir},Archive.FSArch,DB.SQLite,Protocol.HTTP,Transport.Serial: Function ctrListFS() is added and used for directories and files browsing into configure items allow.
  • DAQ.ModBus: Wrong EVAL set by link id on error writing by output link is fixed. Complex type "String", registers block, support is added to DAQ by suffix "_s" to the register "R[I]". Complex types "Integer" (32 bit signed), "Float" and "String" (registers block) support is added to Node object of input protocol.
  • DAQ.{BlockCalc,LogicLev,ModBus},Archive.TArchVal,UI.VCAEngine: DAQ parameters' attributes and the parameters browsing is moved to generic function TDAQ::ctrListPrmAttr() and used everywhere.
  • DAQ.OPC_UA,{Lib,Protocol}.OPC_UA: OPC UA protocol's part for Client and Server is moved to LGPL v3 library for allow and simplify using by other projects. Controller's object is made simply for EndPoints and transports selection and configuration; you can set only EndPoint and the transport will created from it. For the controller object enabled you will take list for browsed and allowed endpoins. TokenId and SessionId allowed for complex NodeId processing and tested on Ignition OPC UA server. OPC UA server fix for merged input messages processing. Generic node's attributes processing mostly improved and expanded.
  • TVal: Stop archive is added on the object disable for unlock it and allow to finish act.
  • Archive.FSArch: Messages to plain archive placing is fixed for big, on string buffer size limit.
  • UI.{VCAEngine,Vision,WebVision}: Into primitives "FormEl", "ElFigure", "Media", "Box" are used indexes definitions from "types.h".
  • UI.{Vision,WebVision}: Items configuration loading of primitive "ElFigure" is fixed for demand to all points present. The function attr{s}Set() of primitive "ElFigure", and "FormEl" into UI.Vision, full revised and set optimal. Primitive "Diagram" fix to fill the trend buffer for duplicates on request to the archive for single value and the requests moved to single request for current.
  • UI.{Vision,VCAEngine}: View items variant "Tree" is added to primitive "FormEl". Resources list and files in-line browsing is added for image/media attributes. Mime table of containers is allowed for direct download, not only to selected, and mime detect from extension; mime also used for unload files. Set limit for downloaded files size.
  • UI.VCAEngine: Archive's limit for primitive "Document" is fixed for expand to 1000000. Export symbols moved to file types.h and it allowed for include from visualizers. The include widgets to box change parent on widget library's or page's parent change is added, on the enable.
  • UI.Vision: Vector index_array reforming fixed for points 1 and 2 for place only common figures and once (exclude Arc, for connection points 1 and 2). Fix crash on Lines and Arcs (previous wrong fix). Primitive "ElFigure" fixed for scale and unscale widths by move scaling direct to the figures paint.
  • UI.WebCfg: Date fields display for table and other is fixed.