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  • 07: TDE > tdebase-trinity: Fixing the TDM constant restarting on Debian 9.
  • 05: TDE > kdiff3: Fixing for cuts on the end of texts with UTF8 symbols at they inserting from ClipBoard.
  • 04: TDE > KArm: Idle detector expansion for suspend and resetting times for a task.
  • 04: TDE > TDEPim: Actualisation of the holidays file for Ukraine.
  • 04: TDE > Digikam: Fixed commonly for the true work in: work of the interface translation for showfoto and themedesigner, file dialogs adaption to use mimeTypes() instead deprecated pattern() of KImageIO, fix the showfoto build for work the image plugins and the sidebar color histogram.


  • 10: TYPO3 > sr_feuser_register: Finished in the translation to Ukrainian with workaround the no label arguments-variables on deletion messages, where all arguments were removed from "v_really_wish_to_delete" and the "v_dear" was removed completely.



  • 02: TDE > KJobViewer: Appended in starting to the system tray at the system start.


  • 12: TDE > KJobViewer: Fixed in crash at the exit.
  • 09: TDE > Koqueror: Fixed in crash at the related icons list.
  • 08: TDE > NetworkManager: Fixed in work on the TDE system tray at building with GTK3.
  • 07: TDE SRU build for ALTLinux.
  • 04: TDE > hal: Adapted to work with the new udev (systemd), patched for ALTLinux.
  • 02: TDE > smserver: Aided in observing and fixing of crashes at the exit, for opened "kaffeine".
  • 02: TDE > kdesktop_lock: Aided in observing and fixing of crashes or hangs.



  • 12: TDE.KJobViewer: Memory leak and some time crash on TDE session close.
  • 12: TDE.drkonqui: Fix failure. Crash after mediamanger apply for kill block application is fixed. Media baseurl encoding patch is restored. Fuser call is fixed for cyrillic symbols into mount point, actually for CD/DVD disks. For correct fuser work need psmisc version 22.20.
  • 10: TDE- Build and
  • 10: TDE.SMB4K-0.9.9: Adapting and build. For now need util "umount.cifs" which is not present into ALTLinux repository — need it replace.
  • 10: Adapting and build "kdegames".
  • 09: compiz: kde3 — kde-window-decorator build is reverted.
  • 08: TDE.krusader: Chdir for copy into krarc is fixed for Cyrillic and generic UTF-8. Problem rar adding option "-r" is removed for prevent hang and scan source directory.
  • 08: TDE.kmix: Capture mixer's knob processing is fixed.
  • 02: TDE(KDE3): Build version 3.5.13 for ALTLinux. [!/TDE Notes for TDE core build, and also recommends for present KDE3 programs adaptations for TDE (RU)].


  • 09: [WikiPediaRu:RPM RPM]: RPM-package version 4.0.4 translation to Ukrainian was made fot ALTLinux Sisyphus and Russian translation update.
[file:rpm4.0.4alt100.30.tgz Translation to Ukrainian and Russian update for version 4.0.4]
  • 08: Synaptic: Ukrainian translation of version 0.75, from Ubuntu, to version 0.58 for ALTLinux Sisyphus was made.
[file:synapticuk.po.gz Translation to Ukrainian for version 0.58]
  • 07: Gkrellm: The interface translation to Ukrainian and translation to Russian update. The translation was accepted by program author and included to source codes tree of the project.
[file:gkrellm2.3.5ruuk.tlz RU and UK translations to version 2.3.5]
[file:gkrellmradiov4l2.patch.gz Patch to version 2.0.4]
  • 05,10: FuseSmb: Version 0.8.7 crash on multi-core systems is fixed by resources reorganization. The problem with cache on renaming is fixed. Write speed was some increased. "fusesmb.cache" program is fixed to crash, from incorrect multi-threading using on separated network groups scan - multi-threading was removed.
[file:fusesmbresfixrenamefixwritespeedincr.patch.gz Patch to version 0.8.7 (resources, renaming, write speed)]
[file:fusesmbcachethreadremove.patch.gz Patch to version 0.8.7 ("fusesmb.cache" crash)]


  • 12: Alterator: The translations to Ukrainian update and new creation for Alterator modules. Helps translations to Ukrainian for several modules (mostly installer's modules).
The translations is included to official repository
  • 12: Typo3: Multiply fixes to core and different modules the CMS:
    • 12: mm_forum: Multiply fixes and improvements to version 1.9.0.
[file:mm_forum.patch.gz Patch to version 1.9.0]
    • 11: cs_counter: Counter reset on day begin is added.
[file:cs_counter.patch.gz Patch to version 1.0.0]
    • 09: Core: For links to image files without normal file name the links missing is fixed into rtehtmlarea.
[file:typo3.patch.gz Patch to version 4.3.3]
    • 09: tt_news: Search and result display into news translations is fixed.
[file:tt_news.patch.gz Patch to version 3.0.1]
    • 09: lz_gallery: Some fixes and translations to Russian and Ukrainian languages. Icon's images for navigation is added.
[file:lz_gallery.patch.gz Patch to version 1.0.1]
    • 07: make_printlink: Several problems with links is fixed.
[file:make_printlink.patch.gz Patch to version 1.5.3]
    • 05: sr_feuser_register: Email field hide is fixed. Loaded user's images display and translations to Russian and Ukrainian is added. The module work indirect for different versions then using was stopped on version 2.5.8.
[file:sr_feuser_register.patch.gz Patch to version 2.5.8]
    • 05: newloginbox: Email field hide is fixed. Loaded user's images display and translations to Russian and Ukrainian is added.
[file:newloginbox.patch.gz Patch to version 3.1.1]
  • 08: WackoWiki: Fix work Template:Include for include big page's parts. Special symbols '"' incorrect replace is fixed into file description of files download section.
[file:wacko.patch.gz Patch to version R4.3]


  • 11: Linux driver for network adapters VIA Rhine: The network adapter developer's Linux-driver adaptation for build and work with Linux kernel version 2.6.29.
Patch to driver version from 2007-02, rhinefet20070212111037.tgz
  • 11: Driver for firm Diamond systems boards: Adaptation for build and work with Linux kernel version 2.6.29.
Patch to Linux driver version 5.91, dscud5.91linux.tar.gz
  • 11: Firm Hilscher driver for boards family CIF: Adaptation for build and work with Linux kernel version 2.6.29.
Patch to Linux driver version 2.621, cif2621.tgz


  • 10: SARG: Limits blocks, or groups, add for HTML-statistic generation and also for access locking through proxy server Squid.
[file:sarglimitblk.patch.gz Patch to version 2.2.5]