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This update of the 0.8 LTS release fixes about 30 bugs and appends some improvements, which you can read wholly in the update ChangeLog.


  • SYS:
    • XMLNode: Functions save() and saveNode() set to constant ones.
    • XMLNodeObj: User API function text() was expanded by argument "full" for all child's texts combine.
    • ModSchedule: Function ScanDir() and CheckFile() were renamed to dirScan() and fileCheck() respectively.
  • Transport.out: User API function messIO() was expanded for return string type everywhere.
  • Special.FLibSYS: The user API function dbReqSQL() was moved to the features of the function SYS.BD["TypeDB"]["DB"].SQLReq().


  • SYS: TMess::getUTF8() function was added and used for UTF-8 symbols detect into XMLNode::encode(). TCntrNode: Expanded by a user API function "messSys".
  • Archive.Value: User API functions were appended by setVal().


  • More original messages were fixed.
  • ModSchedule: Modules closing at exit was set to all the modules closing firstly and next all the module's libraries unlinking. Modules scanning procedure was expanded by the module's name template into the end of the path.
  • Significant changes into the build system.
  • XMLNode: The serializer was expanded to true check for UTF-8 symbols and " " processing in function encode() and the parser, for entity " ".
  • Protocol.HTTP,UI.{WebUser,WebVision}: ACL support was added to control access and visibility of items of indexes of Web resources.
  • An command-line option "lang" was added.


  • ModBus: Managing of duplicate attributes of the standard parameter was fixed.
  • DAQGate: Requests were fixed after moving to different station. Expanded for allow write to configure's attributes "NAME" and "DESCR".


  • Fixed for checking for a proper archivator by its periodicity, allow for correct selection archivators in periodicity more then one minute in graphics building.
  • FSArch:
    • Function of archivators checking is fixed for correct processing of the capacity limit of the values archiving by the archives sorting to remove its files at maximum quantity.
    • Fixed for too long messages back reading and wrong messages reading was prevented at all.
    • Expanded for INFO files store into a standalone DB file of SQLite into the archivator's folder.


  • SSL:
    • Fixed into client's part for correct free which caused for crashes and blockings, for SSL_free() missing and variables "ctx", "ssl", "conn" clean at second start, into the output part. Wide tested on browsers Chrome, Firefox; for file handlers free and into Valgrind.
    • The method "SSLv2" was finally removed but it is not secured and fully removed from OpenSSL 1.1.
    • SSLv3_server_method() and SSLv3_client_method() functions were set to disabled by OPENSSL_NO_SSL3 definition.


  • OPC_UA{*.libOPC_UA}: The resource "mtxData" added to object Server and used for the security channels container management.


  • {VCAEngine,Vision,WebVision}: An attribute "mult" was added to view "List" of the primitive "FormEl" to able multiple lines selection.
  • QTStarter: Fully merged from the Work branch.
  • QTCfg: Scalable vertically items were finished to implement their true fitting for: texts, tables and lists. sizeHint() and minimumSizeHint() processing was fixed for "Text" and "List" items.
  • VCAEngine: Links checking for activity was added to the dynamic linking mechanism.
  • Vision:
    • Images of primitive "Media" clean at an empty string set was added.
    • Separator "\n" was set for encoding by TSYS::base64 to storages.
    • Fixed for opened to edition widgets size on big screens, the fitting was set conditional for an active and maximized window miss but there has a problem in Qt.
    • FormEl.Table: Fixed for properties of columns. Expanded for field "width" equal to 0 processing to hide the column. X scaling used into result column width.
  • WebCfgD:
    • The "Table" element processing for big content was some improved and fixed for key items edition.
    • Fitted to allowed space for scalable by vertical elements: texts, tables, lists.
    • GD library was replaced by the CSS filters and set optional by --enable-LibGD.
    • The navigation tree and dialogs forming were some improved, by drop shadow and a transparent background for disable access to the main area.
    • Item copy was expanded by it copy to its root through self.
    • Generic improvement.
  • WebVision:
    • Width of the popupmenu was fixed for context menus.
    • Behaviour of the primitive "Media" for not "Fit" mode was fixed to prevent the scale problems in way of full removing the tag <img>. Vertical alignment was added to images of the primitive.
    • Dialogs, small built-in windows, forming was some fixed and improved, font of title was set to 12pt.
    • System context menu oppressed for active widgets.
    • Borders and transparent backgrounds processing was fixed. Background of the primitives processing was moved to common and after the ones processing and the background transparency-opaque support was added by a separated block (div) creation with the opaque level.
    • Primitive "Text": spaces processing was set to "white-space: pre-wrap", the property "wordWrap" support was added.
    • The view "Button" of the primitive "FormEl": was fixed for words wrap on Chrome browser, switched to use filters for display inactive images.
    • The views "Spin bar", "Scroll bar", "Table", "Tree" were implemented. The view "Scroll bar" is equal to "Spin bar" now.
    • View "Line" of the primitive "FormEl" was expanded by the calendar dialog for date variants.
    • The visualizer specific attributes support was added through its activation.
    • Main page scaling to fit to the window of the browser allowed space was added, only to grow and with the aspect ratio control.
    • The XHTML part of page was moved to an separated file like the JavaScript one. All generic CSS rules were moved to the XHTML file.
    • Generic improvement.