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This update of the 0.8 LTS release fixes about 20 bugs and appends some improvements, which you can read wholly in the update ChangeLog.


  • SYS: Enum TSYS::Errors (mostly DB Errors) is removed as deprecated.
    • TSYS::modifCfg() expanded for WR access check.
    • Primitive of functions strEncode() and strDecode() set unified.
    • XMLNode: Function childIns() and childDel() position argument's type set to signed (integer) for allow insert and delete by count from end (negative value).
  • TCntrNode: To functions TCntrNode::load() and TCntrNode::save() argument "string *errs = NULL" is added for place all loading and saving errors into the objects.
  • DB: Expanded functions TBDS::dataGet(), TBDS::dataSet() and TBDS::dataDel() by argument "noEx = false" and exceptions generate at access to storage errors.
  • Transport: setAddr() set no virtual, instead global cfgChange() used. To output transport's function "start()" argument time is added, which no zero value controls connection timeout.
  • DAQ: TTipDAQ::compileFunc() argument "maxCalcTm" set to 0, for sign to use default-configurable for the module.
  • Archive: TArchive, TMArchivator and TMArchivator moved to use TConfig::cntrCmdMake(). setValPeriod() and setArchPeriod() set no virtual, instead global cfgChange() used.


  • SYS: Zero initial error object "TError() : cod(0)" is added. Added new global simple function s2ll() into OSCADA namespace. Function TSYS::strMess() variant is added for length control and wrap by set "...".
  • Archive: Selection priority to the value archivator object is added for provide order control and disable at all into sources selection mode "All", used for function getVal(), getVals() and archive service "/serv/val". Function selPrior() and setSelPrior() added.


  • AGLKS.St.db: ModBus.testTCP, DAQGate.test and OPC_UA.test set for start by default. FIX: Messages archivators "FSArch.NetRequsts" and "FSArch.StatErrors" fix.


  • User API functions strEncode() and strDecode() is added. Access to storage problems notify is added. Complex tests for problems notify for storages: SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FireBird, DBF, Cfg; results:
  • FIX:TFunction, TValue, UI.VCAEngine.Attr: Set TEValObj() to object type attribute by EVAL scalar set is added.


  • Prevent exceptions at the DB object disable, mostly after connection wrong for the network DB. Decreased wait for free tables timeout to 1 second on the DB stop, for lost connection to network DB cases fast.
  • DBF: Periodic (10 seconds) sync changes from memory to file is added. Inline DB folder selection for DB object is added. RO access and errors is added.
  • SQLite: Binary string write to DB support is added by "#'XXXXXX'" form. Adapted for work into RO mode.
  • FireBird: Managed types expand to: blr_varying, blr_varying2, blr_text, blr_text2, blr_blob, blr_short, blr_long, blr_int64, blr_float, blr_double and blr_d_float. FIX: Internal API data clean up is added at wrong connection. fieldSet() and fieldDel() mostly rewrote for typical.
  • MySQL: Adapted for work into RO mode, fieldDel() mostly rewrote for RO process. CR_CONNECTION_ERROR process at connection lost is added.
  • PostgreSQL: Managed types expand to: text. character varyin, character(%d), character varying(%d), smallint, integer, bigint, real, double precision, timestamp with time zone. FIX: Connection lost processing move to after the request. Transaction processing rewrote for typical. Adapted for work into RO mode, fieldDel() mostly rewrote for RO process.


  • FIX:JavaLikeCalc: "Error constant after constant" error fix by append position. Append default safe timeout set into the module tab.
  • FIX:ModBus: Write to complex type like "_f", "_i4" for write-only mode is fixed. Complex types expand by "u2" - uint16, "d" - Double.
  • SNMP: Mostly expand for OIDs browser implement, MIB Tree using for access mode and enums obtain.
  • OPC_UA: Inline browser by OPC UA nodes tree to the parameter object configuration is added. FIX: Input packages' size and header control is expanded for broken packages process and early drop.
  • DAQGate: Inline browsing by external hosts and remote parameters tree is added. Expanded for allow the paramter's identifiers independent namespace and the assign to remote parameter's ID. Allow for pass "/prm/*" variables for some global lists process. Expand for bind hierarchic parameters (from OpenSCADA 0.9).


  • FIX: Lost archive's connection to archiver after the archiver restart is fixed.
  • FIX: Service "/serv/mess" on request direct to alarms set negative level fix for prevent storage data modify.
  • Set archiver period expanded for allow set zero value and disable the values buffer processing for only direct write there.
  • Adapted for writing unaligned to the period values and buffers.
  • FIX:DBArch: Reread meta data for value archives is force set after wrong that read at start with unaccessible network DB. Disconnecting archivers to DB detect is added and instead uses next priority archiver.
  • {DBArch,FSArch}: Default priority set to 1 for DBArch and 1000 for FSArch.


  • Meassured request's result after termination by an exception is added to "Sent" tab of output transport. FIX: TTransportOut, TTransportIn fix for sets values check and process.
  • Sockets: Default timeouts of output transport set return to "5:1".


  • ModBus: Functions 0x2 (CI) and 0x4 (RI) support is added. Classic form for registers added and complex types expand by "d" - Double.
  • SelfSystem: The protocol implement improved for check and wait the header entirety. Argument "conTm" to output protocol's part is added. SES_OPEN limited by 10 for one source and user. Sessions moved to std::map for some access acceleration.


  • QTCfg: Check and warning about no apply changes at the page change is added. Added and used function getPrintVal() for check and encode straight binaries. Selected group nodes commands "load" and "save" support is added.
  • VCAEngine: User API session area functions attr() and attrSet() expanded by argument "bool fromSess" and "bool toSess" respectively for set the attributes to the session table. FIX: Change parent trace for project and widget's library fix. VCAEngine: geomZ for widgets allows to negative.
  • Vision: geomZ manage changed to changing only for single widget and rip from real work position, mostly for prevent group widget's geomZ change and collisions to no changed widgets position. Included widgets order updating function expand for prevent system widget's reorder and allow after sort by ID for equal Z. FIX: For included to container's pages set attribute Qt::WA_WindowPropagation for allow true transparent by palette propagation, mostly for Slider hide. FIX: Widgets order update fix after manual "geomZ" set into development mode.
  • {QTCfg,Vision}: For wait cursor uses QApplication::setOverrideCursor(Qt::WaitCursor).
  • {VCAEngine,Vision}: Changes into visual items put down to the parent function is added. Check and warning about no apply changes into item's configure dialogs is added.