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Provides for support element of the report formation with the following properties:

  • Flexible formation of document structure based on HyperText Markup Language, which provides support for a wide range of features in the documents formatting.
  • Formation of the documents at a command or a schedule, which necessary for creation of reports to the archive and then reviewing the archive.
  • Formation of the documents in real time, to provide them completely dynamically and on the basis of archives at the specified time.
  • Using the widget attributes for transmission to the document of values and addresses to the archives, which allows you to use the document widget as a template when generating reports with other input data.

The basis of any document is the XHTML template. The XHTML-template is the tag "body" of the WEB-page which contains the document's static in the standard XHTML 1.0 and elements of the executable instructions in the user programming language of OpenSCADA in the view <?dp {procedure} ?>. The resulting document is formed by the procedures execution and insertion of their result into the document.

The source for values of the executable instructions are the widget attributes of the primitive, as well as all the mechanisms of the user programming language OpenSCADA. Attributes may be added by the user and they can be linked to the actual attributes or parameters or they can be autonomous, values of which will be formed in the widget procedure. In the case of linked attributes the values can be extracted from the archive-history.

Figure represents the frame, containing a sample of the document.

Vision doc.png