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For a "live disk" image on FAT (ALTLinux), everything from superuser: $ su -

  • Connect the target disk and obtain its address: $ dmesg
  • Mount: $ mkdir /mnt/tmp; mount /dev/sd{x}1 /mnt/tmp
  • Unpack the contents of the firmware archive onto the mounted disk: $ cd /mnt/tmp; tar xvf /var/tmp/LP8x81-ALTLinux6-OpenSCADA_0.9+r2302-i586-plc-rt1-up.flash.tar
  • Find out the UUID for the filesystem of the target disk: $ blkid | grep /dev/sd{x}1
  • Modify the file "/mnt/tmp/syslinux/syslinux.cfg" at the end of the line "append initrd=alt0/ live ... disk,uuid:4EB3-0478", where it is necessary to set the previously obtained UUID.
  • Add or modify the file "/mnt/tmp/syslinux/lang" for specify the locale-language of the interface by default, for Ukrainian — "uk_UA", for Russian — "ru_RU", otherwise it will be English.
  • Unmount the disk: $ umount /dev/sd{x}1
  • Initialize the MBR of the disk to the correct value: $ ms-sys -s /dev/sd{x}
  • Initialize the boot loader: $ syslinux /dev/sd{x}1