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The first set is represented by eleventh packages:

  • openscada — package with all the files needed to launch OpenSCADA in full volume, including all modules;
  • openscada-server — contains dependencies, a script file and a server project configuration to run OpenSCADA in the daemon-service mode;
  • openscada-libdb-main — the main OpenSCADA libraries for data acquisition and other, in the SQLite database;
  • openscada-libdb-vca — visual component libraries in the SQLite database;
  • openscada-model-aglks — DB and the configuration of the dynamic real-time model "AGLKS" (Demo: EN,UK,RU);
  • openscada-model-boiler — DB and the configuration of the dynamic real-time model "Boiler" (EN,UK,RU);
  • openscada-doc-en — offline documentation of OpenSCADA, English;
  • openscada-doc-uk — offline documentation of OpenSCADA, Ukrainian;
  • openscada-doc-ru — offline documentation of OpenSCADA, Russian;
  • openscada-dev — development package for the OpenSCADA modules separate creation;
  • openscada-dbg — debugging package, contains debugging binary file information for report and search for errors in the program.