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5. Adding an entry of the new module to the end of the subsystem's section (for us it is "> DB modules") of the OpenSCADA building system configuration file (OpenSCADA/
AX_MOD_DB_EN(NewMod,[disable or enable[=incl] build module DB.NewMod],disable,incl,
    # The code for external libraries of the module check
6. Now, the new module can be built in the OpenSCADA after the reorganization of the building system:
$ autoreconf -if
$ ./configure --enable-NewMod
$ make
7. Publication. The formation of the patch with your module and send it to the OpenSCADA developers:
$ cd OpenSCADA; make distclean; rm -f src/moduls/bd/NewMod/
$ svn add src/moduls/bd/NewMod
$ svn diff > NewMod.patch