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For placing developed module to main repository of OpenSCADA tree of source texts you need to do next and to follow to shown demands:

  • be the copyright holder or the author of the module code and distribute it's under any free license, GPL preferred;
  • prepare and store the module code as a separated archive of folder of the module for any module's subsystem of OpenSCADA, follow to demands to the contain:
    • the module's source texts must include a correct copyright information into each file's top, be wrote and formed in some system way preferring to the must used one of main OpenSCADA modules' styles;
    • the module's localisation files must be also correct, actual and proper formed.
  • write a short information page of the module for placing it to the OpenSCADA Wiki, in way like to the other ones there;
  • to placing the module write the direct request to the forum topic "OpenSCADA development" includes a proving of it's ability to work from any OpenSCADA developer or a short demonstration video.