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5. If you don't have connection to the Internet, you have to download the sources and resources tarballs from ftp/http-server of the project, and place them in advance in the sources directory of the portage "/usr/portage/distfiles". If you have an Internet connection, then everything that is necessary for building will be taken from the project's server automatically.
6. It is necessary to put the required USE-flags, with which the OpenSCADA will be built. This can be done in the file "/etc/portage/package.use", for example:
dev-util/openscada dcon demo http javalikecalc mysql qtcfg qtstarter ssl vision webcfg webcfgd webvision blockcalc dbarch dbase doc flibcomplex1 flibmath flibsys fsarch logiclev modbus serial sockets sqlite vcaengine
7. Directly building:
$ emerge -q openscada
8. Database files and resources of OpenSCADA are ready and placed in the directory "/var/spool/openscada/", executable files — "/usr/bin/", documentation — "/usr/share/doc/openscada-0.9/".