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Building steps:

1. Creation a directory to build the program:
$ mkdir ~/build; cd ~/build
2. Download sources package. It may be made from two ways:
$ wget
$ wget
$ tar -xvf openscada-0.9+r2537.tar.xz
$ cd openscada-0.9+r2537
$ tar -xvf ../openscada-res-0.9+r2537.tar.xz
  • obtain the project source tree from the SVN-repository:
$ svn co
$ cd OpenSCADA
3. Selection the building type :
  • binary files in one package:
$ ln -s data/debian debian
  • binary modules files in separate packages:
$ ln -s data/debian_mod debian
4. Resolve the OpenSCADA dependencies for the building, in accordance to the demands. Arguments for the command "configure" you can specify into the file "debian/rules".
5. Building:
  • build from the beginning:
$ dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
  • skip the building and repack, it is convenient for the debugging "debian/rules":
$ fakeroot debian/rules binary
$ fakeroot debian/rules build
6. Packages are ready and available in the level above directory.