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Building steps at the RPM specification file:

1. Locating the OpenSCADA archives and the specification file in the RPM build folder (the source files are pre-located in the current directory):
$ cp openscada-0.9+r2537.tar.xz openscada-res-0.9+r2537.tar.xz Distribution directory/SOURCES
$ cp openscada.spec Distribution directory/SPECS
2. Resolving of the OpenSCADA project's dependencies for building in accordance with the requirements. Arguments for the command "configure" you can specify into the file "openscada.spec".
3. Build packages
  • build from the beginning:
$ rpmbuild -bb Distribution directory/SPECS/openscada.spec
  • only the installation and packaging from the etersoft rpm-utilities package (useful when configuring openscada.spec file):
$ rpmbb -i Distribution directory/SPECS/openscada.spec
4. Packages are ready and available in the directory: Distribution directory/RPMS for the appropriate architecture.