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1.1 OpenSCADA core

Q: How is multilingual support provided? Can I perform localization in my native language?
Re: Multilingual support is provided on the basis of the standard of internationalization I18n. And files of internationalization of the modules are separated from a file of internationalization of the program core. It provides high-grade support of independent distribution and development of the modules to OpenSCADA. Translation of the program as a whole and modules in particular can be performed regardless of the availability of their source texts. For translation it is enough to receive *.po or *.pot files of the necessary component and to make translation of messages in the files in usual text editors from English to the necessary language. The actual files you can get from the sources texts repository of the project and propose results of the new translation for their including to the source texts repository of the project, writing to the project forum or the project author and main developer directly.