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Q: Can I export archived data (history) to a different format, say — CSV, Excel?
Re: In general, you can export archived data, and here are three features, that is: location, formats and export mode. Since the end user for whom this data is being formed is the user of the end visual interface — operator, the built-in export function is provided by these interfaces for the data primitives of the diagram and the document where you can export to CSV, image file and HTML. With regard to other data formats, especially closed and one-platform formats, such as Excel, then their export can be implemented by a user procedure through the common user interface of the visualization as a direct formation, if the format is simple, and the call of the external transformation utility, if available. Exports generally can be in two modes: interactive and flowing. It is the interactive mode embedded in the user interface and it involves determining the range and quality of data (the primitives data) as the limiting factors of the advisable execution time of this operation. The flowing mode provides a background, possibly even with the main processes, exporting both current data and local archive data and is often used to export to a database table with the desired structure. Exporting from the developer environment, like the flowing mode, do not have embedded functions, except for experimental ones such as WAV exports. This can, if necessary, be implemented by service procedure or part of the code of the main process for the flowing mode.