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Q: How can I start OpenSCADA automatically with a proper user operation interface — a project of supervisory control?
Re: Of course, after the developing process finish you must ensure the program starting together with the operational system starting and in the full-screen execution of the result project of the user operation interface. For these you must follow next procedure:

  • Ensure system specific measures for same OpenSCADA starting with your project. There you must pre-create or find a desktop icon of your project of OpenSCADA from the manager of projects OpenSCADA and copy or place it to folder or list of auto-started programs of your desktop environment. See to documentation of the desktop environment for the details.
  • Select the module UI.Vision starting with OpenSCADA generic starting in the "Qt modules for startup" field of the module UI.QTStarter from any OpenSCADA configurator.
  • Select your project of VCA to automatic its execution in the field "Run projects list" of the module UI.Vision from any OpenSCADA configurator. Here we also recommend to set an user different from system ones for projects execution but in the permissions for the project of course.