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Q: How can I connect the visualizer UI.Vision to a remote visualization server or PLC with this function?
Re: Yes, you are allowed for creation of visualizer servers and PLCs based on the module UI.VCAEngine with all VCA data of the user visualization projects on their and obliviously with OpenSCADA installed there. Next you are allowed for a connection to the remote visualization servers or PLCs by the module UI.Vision for locally developing and visualization of the remote user visualization projects. The detailed instruction you can get into the Quick Start manual's part "Connecting and using remote and background configurations" and here you have get a short instruction. This short instruction also usable to get remote control of the visualizer servers and PLCs. To do that you must follow next procedure on a client station with the module UI.Vision and any configuration include pure-empty one:

  • Create a connection to the visualizer server or PLC as an OpenSCADA station on the transports page of any OpenSCADA configurator, into the "System" mode. If you will set also the "User" mode you will be allowed to control the remote station from the configurator and user, after the navigation tree updating.
  • Select on the visualizer page of any OpenSCADA configurator: a new connection, start user, user's password of the remote station and a project or projects for their automatic execution, else you will get into the developing mode. Next starting of the module UI.Vision should cause establishing of the remote connection to the visualizer server or PLC with their projects developing or execution.