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Q: How can I rapid and correct change aspect ratio of the screen of the user visual interface to different one, for example to 16:9?
Re: Yes, the main user visual interface of OpenSCADA based on a conception of signal objects, and its root page, means and was designed to the aspect ration 4:3. For generic VCA projects there have planed implementing for proper styles of the different aspect rations but the mnemonic schemes should be left untouched. Then for manually, rapid and correct changing the aspect ratio to 16:9 you must now do following, in your VCA project tree:

  • Set, or multiply to original one, the attribute "Geometry: x scale" (geomX) to value (16/9)/(4/3) = 1.333, for:
    • the root page;
    • all template pages like "Graphics group", only in the page used as the template;
    • all pages of the documents and control panels, individually.
  • Due pages of the mnemonic schemes rarely allow for changing the original aspect ratio by using true figures like to circles and squares there we must develop the cadres initially in the size [900*1.333 x 550] = [1199 x 550].