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Q: How to build OpenSCADA from the source code?
Re: Compilation of any software project from the source code, in the system language like C/C++ and the complexity above the average level, is a non-trivial task, especially for specific environments and environments for which adaptation has not yet been completed. To do this, you need the appropriate training and previous compilation experience. If you have the opportunity to get OpenSCADA assembled and in the form of ready-made packages for your environment, be sure to use it! If there are no packages in your environment or you deliberately want to build the program from the source to an adapted environment then use the manual for build from source. Adapting to assembly and work in other environments is a much more non-trivial task, especially for those very far away from POSIX or the concept of interplatform compatibility in general, it is a separate sub-project of OpenSCADA and involves a long process such as adaptation to Android, so you do not need to confuse it complexity with the simple compilation under an adapted environment!