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Physical and logical-virtual data acquisition

Q: Where and how to perform additional logical processing of the attributes of parameters, including logical linking in one object?
Re: Any mathematical processing of the parameter attributes can be performed in the computing objects of the controller (modules of the "Data acquisition" subsystem), for example, in the block controller (DAQ.BlockCalc) and the object Controller based on the Java-like language (DAQ.JavaLikeCalc). In addition, the processing can be done at the logical level of the parameters (DAQ.LogicLev) in the subsystem "Data acquisition" modules specially designed for this (which work according to the parameter templates) or which contain the built-in realization of the mechanism of template parameters. That is, the user can form parameters with the required structure and algorithm of post-processing, forming logically related objects. The processing part can be executed directly at visualization (UI.VCAEngine). For data acquisition as a whole, see the document.