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OpenSCADA versions form in the two branches:

1+rNNNN, where "NNNN" — the SVN (SubVersion) revision number.
  • LTS (Long Term Support): formal release of the last "Work" version with support up to the next iteration: "Work" -> "LTS" (zero update number), "Work"++.
0.9.U.S, where:
"U" — regular updating (2-4 month) number; at the regular updating, all fixes and improvements from the "Work" version merge to "LTS", and also those that break some API compatibility, but do not break the functionality and data compatibility; and U++;
"S" — service updating number; for any critical fixes, automatically or manually (for specific), creates a service update (S++),
At.png which allowed only for consumers subscribed to the official support — purchased an actual package of the technical support.