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Foundation: Jul 2002 (projecting), January 2003 (implementing)
Author: Roman Savochenko
  Maxim Lisenko (2007-2012), Maxim Kochetkov (2014-2016), Almaz Karimov (2008-2009, 2011), Arsen Zakojan (2017), Ruslan Yarmoliuk (2017), Arcadiy Kisel (2017)
Participants: see the detailed information
Policy: Free software (Open source software)
License: GPL v.2 for sources mostly, GFDL v.1.3 for documentation
Languages of the localization: English(en), Ukrainian(uk), Russian(ru), German(de) and add
Version: 1 Work, 0.9 LTS (2018-...), 0.8 Old LTS (2012-2018)
Functions and demands: see the detailed information

OpenSCADA represents an open SCADA or HMI system constructed on principles of modularity, cross-platform and scalability. SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) or Human Machine Interface (HMI) are the terms which are often used in sphere of automation of technological processes. SCADA or HMI systems are generically appointed and used to operational and responsible control by human for working of the complex technological equipment of different production companions. OpenSCADA is generically intended for: acquisition, archiving (conduct history), visualization of the information, issuing control actions, and also for other related operations, which are characteristic for full-featured SCADA or HMI systems.