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AWP and PLC based on the industrial PC iROBO-3000a
Begin: 12 (Mar) 2012
Customer: Petr Litkovets
Participants: Roman Savochenko
Description: iROBO-3000a is a fanless industrial computer with Intel Atom D425 1.8 GHz with VGA, 2xGb LAN, 4xCOM, 4xUSB, 1GB RAM, 1x2.5" SATA HDD 120GB, Mini-PCIe, 4x4 DIO, CF slot, SIM Card slot, Audio, WDT on board, operating temperature range -5...+55°C. Performance of this computer is enough to run the functions of data acquisition, monitoring and control server, as well as the visualization station's functions. However, because of usage the non-productive Atom processor family, the implementation of mathematical models of processes will require almost all of the CPU resources. For example, during the performance of the AGLKS mathematical model, the CPU is loaded at 86%. The controller has been certified by "UKRSEPRO" that may be important for many users in the territory of Ukraine.


OpenSCADA operating environment for this computer was based on the packets base of the ALTLinux T6 distribution, as well as freshly-builded Trinity (TDE) desktop environment. Building of the environment was made using the above described conception with an updated profile of "mkimage". The "plc" objective has been added to the new profile, but its nature has changed in fact and has become a copy of the "live" target, which became possible thanks to the implementation in primary initialization stage the transparent mount of the partition with the "alt-live-storage" label as a reflection of a packed file system with random access to the modification. In general, it made possible to create the fixed core of the firmware with the basic set of software environment with the size of 300MB and with the possibility of free expansion by installing the necessary packages from the distribution.

The Trinity was selected as the desktop environment because of the presence of background artefacts problem in conjunction with XOrgServer 1.10 + Qt4, as well as because of TDE low-resource with high maturity and stability.

Archive of the build profiles of the new environment is called mkimage-profiles-6-kdesktop-plc.tgz, and the latest build of the firmware ALTLinux_6-OpenSCADA_0.8.1-TDE_3.5.13.1-i586-flash.tar.