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Dispatching system of the poultry-yard
Begin: 10 (November) 2010
Finish: 08 (August) 2017
Location: 152961, Yaroslavl region, Rybinsk district, Octiabrskiy village, Russia
Participants: Roman Savochenko, Maxim Lysenko
Description: Creating a dispatching system of the poultry-yard and development of the OpenSCADA module to obtain the current data and the alarms of the information concentration module BFN(BigFarmNet) of the poultry automation from "Big Dutchman" company (
Materials: page (restricted access)

2011-11-28: Separated halls 29-32 is added to collected Aviary #15.
2011-10-31: Second AWP station have been configured.
2011-10-19: Added Aviary #3 and #8.
2011-10-02: Added Aviary #10.
2011-08-26: Added Aviary #4.
2011-06-01: Implemented the concept of placing several chicken houses on a BFN. Added alarms in case of loss of communication with the BFN. Added table of the alarms on the main page. Added alarm for chicken houses, by signal object. Added Aviary #6.
2011-05-19: Added Aviary #5.
2011-05-16: Added Aviary #11. Added function to clear alarms of the lost.
2011-11-26: Added Aviary #15, collected from halls: 29-32. Station #2 configuration.
2012-09-04: Added Aviary #39 and halls 41, 42 into collected aviary "Cell".
2014-11-24: Added Aviary #2 and #40.
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