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Single-board computer VSX104 of the firm Tri-M adaption for OpenSCADA
Begin: 05 (Maj) 2008
Participants: Roman Savochenko
Description: VSX104 is a single-board computer of the form-factor PC/104 of the firm Tri-M. The computer had attracted attention by the reason of low price and low power consumption (< 2W) and followed low heating. But by using the processor "Vortex86SX-300 МГц" here needs specific points to forming of the OS environment, but here used CPU instructions set of i486 and the mathematical coprocessor lack.

TriM VSX104.png

Hardware specification of the board:

Central processor: DM&P SoC Vortex86SX-300 MHz
Operational memory: 128 МБ DDR2 RAM, soldered to the board
Permanent memory: slot CompactFlash Type I, microSD and 2 ports EIDE (Ultra DMA 100)
Video subsystem: no
Audio subsystem: no
Interfaces/ports: 10/100Mbps Ethernet; 4 RS-232 serial ports; 2x USB 2.0; PS/2 keyboard and mouse, LPT, Redundancy, SPI
Power supply: +5VDC ±10% @ 370mA
Operating conditions: -40 ... 85°C
DAQ: 1 port 16-bit GPIO

For now there is not a solution based on the board but planed to assemble for it a environment, possible for an autonomous control resources system.

TriM VSX104.png

At.png Force redirection of the BIOS interface to a COM-port possible to enable by grounding the 10 pin of the COM-port.