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Hardware with OpenWrt, TELEOFIS RTU968
Begin: 10 (October) 2017
Customer: Elprotect, Nikolay Mitrofanov
Participants: Roman Savochenko
Description: OpenWrt ​is a highly extensible ​GNU/​Linux ​distribution for embedded devices ​(typically wireless routers) and the page dedicated for hardware with OpenWrt and OpenSCADA installation there.



This hardware has features:

Hardware platform: ARM9 (ARMv5)
Central processor: i.MX287 454MHz (ARM926EJ-S)
Memory: 128 MB DDR2
Solid memory: flash card
Electrical power: 10...50V, 8W
Interfaces: 2x3G(HSPA, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS), 4xGPIO, 2xEthernet 10/100M, 1xRS-232, 1xRS-485
Weight: 168 g.
Size: 97 х 78 х 36 mm
Conditions of exploitation: -40...+70°C

The hardware has a pre-installed environment based on OpenWrt and the hardware platform "Freeescale i.MX23/28". OpenWrt there is accessible by SSH "root:root" and allows to install packages in format IPKG.

To build a package of OpenSCADA of IPKG there was used a ready SDK of the platform "Freeescale i.MX23/28" for OpenWrt version "Chaos Calmer (15.05.1)", BuildRoot rules of OpenSCADA and the generic description of OpenWrt.

OpenSCADA was built with the modules:

OpenSCADA also was built with the internationalization support by libraries "libiconv" and "libintl" but the initial environment of OpenWrt doesn't support the internationalization in whole!

To install the OpenSCADA package to the device we also needed for some extra depend packages: libstdcpp, libintl-full, fftw3, sqlite3. Then we must download all the packages to the device by SSH, for example to folder "/root" and next to connect remotely to the console interface by SSH and call here:

opkg install /root/libstdcpp_4.8-linaro-1_mxs.ipk
opkg install /root/libintl-full_0.19.6-2_mxs.ipk
opkg install /root/fftw3_3.3.4-1_mxs.ipk
opkg install /root/sqlite3-cli_3081101-1_mxs.ipk
opkg install /root/openscada_0.9+r2517-1_mxs.ipk