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Boards and single-board computers of the firm Diamond System adaption for OpenSCADA
Begin: 11 (November) 2004
Participants: Roman Savochenko
Description: This using describes the process of adaption OpenSCADA to work on single-board computers and with DAQ boards of the firm Diamond System. Currently OpenSCADA provides the module DAQ.DiamondBoards with support of mostly DAQ-boards of the firm. About single-board computers OpenSCADA tested and used on: ATH400.

DiamondBoards-ATH400 img.jpg

The boards from "Diamond Systems" were a first on which OpenSCADA had tested and stabilized. First board here was single-board computer ATH400 of the form-factor PC/104, shown on the image bottom. On the computer a OS environment early was installing in traditional method and for now by the presented conception of the firmwares assembling.

Hardware specification of the board:

Central processor: VIA Eden 400-660MHz
Operational memory: 128MB, soldered to the board
Permanent memory: IDE (44) port with UDMA-33
Video subsystem: S3 Savage 4 Chipset with extension of 3D/2D video; supported flat panels, CRT and LCD
Audio subsystem: present
Interfaces/ports: 10/100Mbps Ethernet; 4 RS-232 serial ports; 4 USB 1.1 ports; PS/2 keyboard and mouse
Power supply: +5VDC ±10% @ 2A
Operating conditions: -40 ... +85°C
DAQ: 16AI (16 bit, 100 kHz), 4AO, 24DIO, 2CNTR

First task of the board and OpenSCADA was implementation of function of high-frequented (10 kHz * 8 channels) signals archiving of a gas compressor for learning the surge phenomenon on Anastasievskaja GLKS.

Second task was the PLC prototype of power substations nodes. Already for this task the firmware had assembled on base of the new package base. Into the task Data acquisition module of boards of the "Diamond Boards" was unified for support all boards of the manufacturer.

DiamondBoards-ATH400 img.jpg

Second board was one board of the interface to the object DMM32-AT, shown on the image bottom. The board used for creation of mockups and emulators of field of technological programs. The board has specification:

Power supply: +5VDC ±10% @ 200mA
Operating conditions: -40 to +85°C
DAQ: 32AI (16 bit, 200 kHz), 4AO, 24DIO, 2CNTR

DiamondBoards-DMM32AT img.jpg

Analysis of noise properties of high-impedance inputs of boards from Diamond Systems in different conditions placed to table bottom:

Conditions External PS: Noise level, mV [Hz] Internal PS: Noise level, mV [Hz] Notes
(10 kHz, ±0.625 V, 20 us), Grounded-32 0.08 [-]
(10 kHz, ±5 V, 20 us), Grounded-32 0.5 [-] 0.35 [-]
(10 kHz, ±5 V, 20 us), Grounded-31, Loading ∞ 5 [50, 270] 18 [50, 150]
(10 kHz, ±5 V, 20 us), Grounded-31, Loading 1mOm 10 [50, 270]
(10 kHz, ±5 V, 20 us), Grounded-31, Loading 100kOm 7 [150, 50, 270] 7 [-]
(10 kHz, ±5 V, 20 us), Grounded-31, Loading 10kOm 4.5 [100] 6 [-]
(10 kHz, ±5 V, 20 us), Grounded-31, Loading 1kOm 0.9 [150] 1 [-]
(10 kHz, ±5 V, 20 us), Grounded-31, Loading 100Om 0.5 [-] 0.5 [-]