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OpenSCADA using on AWP of operator into ASKDK system on a petroleum base of the affiliate "East" of OAO "Krasnodarnefteproduct"
Finish: 12 (December) 2012
Customer: OAO "Krasnodarnefteproduct" (
General Contractor: "TREY-Holding" Ltd — the affiliate "Trey-Krasnoyarsk" (
Subcontractor: "Kvant" Ltd
Developer of the ACSTP project: "TREY-Holding" Ltd — the affiliate "Trey-Krasnoyarsk"
Manufacturer and supplier of the ACSTP equipment: "TREY-Holding" Ltd
Author of the article leading engineer of ACSTP Kucherjavij R.O. ("TREY-Holding" Ltd — the affiliate "Trey-Krasnoyarsk")
Description: the system intended for continuously measurement and control of the surrounding technological installation of the gas environment on territory of the petroleum base and self-represents as an alarming system.

ASKDK East img6.png

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