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This update of the 0.8 LTS release fixes about 40 bugs and appends some improvements, which you can read wholly in the update ChangeLog.

  • SYS:Modification controlled writing to the config file is added for prevent writing unmodified fields dependent from system environment. Global definitions OBJ_ID_SZ and OBJ_NM_SZ is added and used for all configuration's ID and NAME. Field's NAME limit length pass to configurators by field "idm", through OpenSCADA control interface.
  • DB: To functions TBDS::dataGet() and TBDS::dataSet() "forceCfg" flag is added for allow system data storing priority into config file. MySQL: MULTI_STATEMENTS requests is enabled, but process and return only first result.
  • Protocol.UserProtocol: To input transport's process procedure context is added attribute "tr" for input transport object represent.
  • DAQ.{BlockCalc,LogicLev,ModBus},Archive,UI.VCAEngine: Links to DAQ parameters and attributes is adapted for parameters to parameters including path like "{Mod}.{Cntr}.{Prm1}.{PrmN}.{Attr}".
  • DAQ: Functions TDAQS::ctrListPrmAttr(), TDAQS::prmAt() and TDAQS::attrAt() are unified for no depending from order. Function TDAQS::daqAt() is added for access to any DAQ path's items by TCntrNode, also used into TDAQS::prmAt() and TDAQS::attrAt().
    • LogicLev: Empty parameters as clean container creation allow.
    • FIX:DAQ.ModBus: No lost connection restore for synchronous write mode and bits from register using is fixed. Node's lock attributes into the protocol Node's mode "Data" is fixed.
    • OPC_UA: Publish, RePublish, Subscribe, MonitoredItem and related services support for input protocol's part is added (No Publish responds for LTS). Service "BrowseNext" and ContinuationPoints for it is added. Server part function reqData() is separated for OPC_UA binary encoding part into library and same data request depend from the server data model specific for data services "Browse", "Read" and "Write". Secure channel's TokenId renew support into server part is implemented and some fixed into client part. All library's files moved to separated folder libOPC_UA. Server's services Browse, Read and Write is mostly rewrited. Server's services Browse and Read is set for field "Name" of nodes return for OPC UA "BrowseName" request.
  • TArchVal: LibGD2 using into core is fixed by set variable HAVE_GD_CORE. Value archive's trend build is implemented through SVG for LibGD2 into core disable.
  • FIX:TArchVal: allow access to next level archive into single request, like from 1m to 10m.
  • UI:
    • {VCAEngine,Vision}: Group attributes setting function Vision::attrsSet() is rewrited for strong ordering for fix unordered writing to some yet missed attributes that appeared after upper changes; detected on primitive "ElFig".
    • FIX:{Vision,WebVision}: Two method applied for prevent primitive "Diagram" possible hung on some data combination begin from different archivators.
    • {QTCfg,WebCfgD}: Field "NAME" limit length apply to nodes append dialog is added.
    • QTCfg: Copy a node into the branch and no select direct the parent node, by copy to self, support is added.
    • VCAEngine: Negative widget's position coordinate is allowed. Map areas limit for primitive "Media" is expanded to 20. FIX: Lost attribute "name" the global ability to see after change primitive "FormEl" view from "Button" to "Tree", "List" and other is fixed.
    • Vision: Tool windows centering is disabled and new pages loading by load("") is moved to constructor RunPageView for allow DE for custom control to the windows placing behavior. GeomZ set to UP for the widget copy is added.
      • ElFig: Next code clean and refactoring, mostly for moveItemTo().
        • FIX: Reloading is fixed after some figures append.
        • FIX: Bordered figures width scale is fixed.
        • FIX: Color's and Image's indexes copy on inundations copy is added.
        • FIX: Some checks to allowing the indexes is added for prevent different crashes by out of range.