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This update of the 0.8 LTS release fixes about 10 bugs and appends some improvements, which you can read wholly in the update ChangeLog.

  • UI.Vision: Primitive "ElFigure" crash on click to common point for arc's points 1,2 and line point 1 is fixed and significant code clear.
  • DB.SQLite: Opened transaction close on the module stop is added for prevent data lost after crash on some other module detach.
  • UI.Vision: Function WdgView::attrsSet() is added and used for group attributes set into one request, for prevent several linked events lost on processing and general performance rise on network.
  • UI.{VCAEngine,Vision,WebVision}: To primitive "Diagram" trends building from direct data is added, by prefix "data:" and "line:".
  • DAQ.Template,DAQ.{JavaLikeCalc,ModBus},Protocol.UserProtocol,UI.WebUser: Procedure's source text limit for the DB field is expand to 1000000.
  • DAQ.{ModBus,LogicLev,BlockCalc,Siemens}: Prevent executable context reload from DB on the controller run.
  • DAQ.SoundCard: Acquisition task, from PortAudio, priority set is provided. Some error messages is added. Some performance is rose.
  • UI.WebVision: Session object's ID is renamed to PATH and nodeName() set to separated string by "." path. PNG compression level option is added for some performance control on images build and default value set to "1".
  • Transport.{Serial,Sockets}: Errno EAGAIN process is added to write() for output transport for prevent errors on big data transfer.
  • UI.{Vision,WebVision}: The primitive "Diagram" data buffer's loading by current values and lost old visible values by limit is fixed by writing current values to pixel-size alignment time.
  • DAQ.JavaLikeCalc: Remove wrong grammar rule "expr OR CONST{" but finite action to first constant independent next operations of the expression. Conditional logical commands '||' and '&&' is fixed for constants.