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This update of the 0.8 LTS release fixes about 20 bugs and appends some improvements, which you can read wholly in the update ChangeLog.

  • UI.WebVision: External JS file "WebVisionVCA.js" loading try from current directory is added. JS code changes:
    • mostly clean and fix;
    • zero opacity checking is added for background disable;
    • asynchronous main cycle requests try;
    • primitives 'ElFigure', 'Media', 'FormEl' mostly adapted for prevent non full context replacing on single dynamic properties change;
    • drag for images is disabled for FireFox.
  • ModShedul,Archive.FSArch,DB.DBF: The hidden problematic readdir() function is replaced to reentrant variant readdir_r().
  • UI.Vision: Primitive "ElFigure" changes and fixes:
    • Value range define is added and used.
    • ShapeItem::Type enumeration for figures "Line", "Arc" and "Bezier" is added.
    • Widths, Styles and Colors indexes copy on the figures copy is added.
    • Several arcs' point 5 separating is fixed on keyboard and mouse move.
    • Mouse cursor moving according to keyboard moving is added.
    • Circle contour gap by moving from keyboard is added.
    • Significant code clear.
  • UI.{VCAEngine,Vision,WebVision}: Expanded upper limit for primitive's "Diagram" parameters number to 20. Scales separation for different parameters of primitive "Diagram" is implemented.
  • DAQ.DCON: Significant changes from Almaz Karimov:
    • analog inputs reading of one methods is added;
    • the method 1AO (#AA) (blocks NL-1AO, I-7021, ADAM-4021) working is fixed;
    • the method 4AO (#AACN) is added for working with block ADAM-4024;
    • the digital inputs reading methods @AA is replaced to $AA6 for compatibility with ADAM blocks;
    • the digital outputs writing methods 4DO (#AA000F), 8DO (#AA00FF), 12DO (#AA000FFF) is added for working with ADAM blocks.
  • DAQ.JavaLikeCalc: Assigns separating by symbol ',' is added to the language for like the constructions:
var1=1, var2=3, var4=var1+var2;
for(var1=0, var2=0, var3=-1; var1 < 10; var1++, var2++) var3++;
  • SYS: User API function SYS.mktime() is added for get time since the Epoch 1.1.1970 converted from broken-down time.