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This update of the 0.8 LTS release fixes about 20 bugs and appends some improvements, which you can read wholly in the update ChangeLog.

  • UI.WebVision: Update period time calculation is rewrote for provide more responsibility and adaption to real network channel properties.
  • To task create function added control and freeing for finished but the object present and not detached tasks.
  • Archive.FSArch: Value archive data corruption into some cases by index buffer memory overlap is prevented, detected by "ValGrind".
  • Memory leak for objects into destructor TVal::~TVal() is fixed, detected by "ValGrind".
  • System function "getopt" for command line parsing full replaced to self implementing function TSYS::getCmdOpt() on reason the system getopt() is not reentrant nature and wrong processing for independent calls from different OpenSCADA parts.
  • Adapting to one symbol system charsets support, tested on KOI8-R.
  • UI.Vision: Real visible a widget part (by pixel) checking is added and used for events generate and context menu call, mostly used for "Box" and "ElFigure" primitives.
  • UI.VCAEngine: Primitive "Diagram" field "Parameters number" limit expand to 20.
  • Transport.Serial: Configure field "Priority" for input transport's task is added.
  • Editable control for several object's configuration fields depends from "Enable" and "Start" stats is added.
  • SYS:ModSched: Fields "ModAllow" and "ModDeny" open for edit and save its to config-file.