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This update of the 0.8 LTS release fixes about 35 bugs and appends some improvements, which you can read wholly in the update ChangeLog.


  • SYS.TUI: Attribute run_st is renamed to runSt.


  • SYS: User API object Array expanded by function sum() for the array's pointed items sum allow. User API function SYS.fileRemove(string file) is added.


  • FIX: User API function system() fixed for full reading popen's pipe, up to EOF.
  • FIX: Only one processor, number 1, set at the multiprocessing checking fix by the real available processors get.
  • FIX: Config-file loading and user API function load() rewrote for prevent access behind allocated memory.
  • FIX: Security: standard users "root", "user" and groups "root", "user" creation added only after the subsystem loading and its lack. Function access() expanded for requested group presence checking and exception prevent.
  • FIX:debian.openscada.init,data.{oscada_ALT.init,oscada_gentoo.init}: "export" keyword miss before LANG=en_US.UTF-8 fixed.
  • TRegExp: To replace() added checking to nozero replace range for hangs prevent.
  • Command-line options set to not case sensitive: coreDumpAllow, pidFile, h, help, log, messLev, modPath, config, station, statName. Some command-line options renamed and appended by the synonyms: demon + daemon, CoreDumpAllow to coreDumpAllow, pid-file + pidFile, MessLev to messLev, ModPath to modPath, Config to config, Station to station, StatName to statName.
  • All modules version rose to actual changes and will next trace the changes.
  • debian: Significant cleaned for most lintian's errors and warnings resolve. openscada.init: Default-Start levels set to 2 3 4 for autostart with GUI prevent, level 5.
  • Main CPUs set appended as configuration field for allow generic processors select, include information about current processors set. The information about current processors set to a task's thread is added, into generic tab "Tasks".
  • Addressing to the config file properties set to not case sensitive for attribute "id" value, especially for: Workdir to WorkDir.


  • FIX:DB removing from config file fixed, by set "ForceCfg".


  • FIX:{DCON,ModBus}: Error messages expanding to addition different errors per tries fixed.
  • FIX:ICP_DAS: I-8017 fast acquisition task turn to use TSYS::taskSleep() instead clock_nanosleep() for hangs prevent at wTm overfull. Build on ARM fixed.
  • FIX:DAQGate: Removing archives at the parameter removing disabled for possible archives lost prevent, at the sync. Fixed for prevent SHIFR and other attributes lost at the parameter restore, by lock, after it deletion try.
  • FIX:JavaLikeCalc: Function {Integer}.toString() fixed for set to signed only the decimal base 10.
  • FIX:SoundCard: Locked resources left prevented for not disabled parameters.


  • FIX: Value's field "Source" set from the control interface (configurators) fixed.
  • FIX:{*,FSArch}: prev_val unified to double type for all operations like average.
  • FIX:FSArch: VFileArch::setVals() rewrote for integer and real data types rounding for prevent wrong access here to not allocated memory.
  • Archive.DBArch: Back reading for long periodic archives, like minutes and hours added, at its starting.


  • {Sockets,SSL}: Statistic information per active connection is added, include: socket FD, client host address, connection and last request time, IO traffic. Maximum clients per host limit is added.


  • FIX:OPC_UA: Possible processing for wrong certificates writing fixed. Library COPYING file replaced to "GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENS" content and the file GPL-3 also added. libOPC_UA appended by function Server::clientAddr() for the opened connection re-establish detection by the Secure Channel reusing.
  • FIX:ModBus: Generic prefix 'i' and string processing fix.


  • FIX:{QTCfg,Vision}: Fixed for font get into the text edit syntax higligting and more, by Vision::getFont(), from the default font base (system font).
  • {VCAEngine,Vision}: Visualizer specific control attributes support is added. "User's status line items" UI.Vision specific attribute implemented. Old fassion access to the permissions removed.
  • QTCfg:
    • FIX: Checking for no apply editable widgets rewrote to direct checking.
    • Requests to hosts processing moved to different threads and the interface made responsible at whole.
    • Integer edition fields expanded for adaptive processing to dec, hex and oct representation.
    • List view widget is moved to ListView class, inherited from QListWidget for sizeHint() set to 5 rows for height.
  • FIX:VCAEngine: Using into user attributes symbol '|' fixed for types no TFld::Integer, TFld::Real and selected. Inline helps for attributes of all primitives mostly updated.
  • FIX:Vision: Build for Qt 5.4 fix. Check and notify about mime loading try to a selected item added.


  • FIX:FLibSYS: VArchObj::FFT(): Potential crash prevented. Expand for check to EVAL and replace that to adaptive <vlOnEVAL>, new last argument. To Array result added object's attributes "bufSize" and "bufEVAL" for some the data quality control.