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This update of the 0.8 LTS release fixes about 50 bugs and appends some improvements, which you can read wholly in the update ChangeLog.


  • SYS: Configuration resource moved to different cfgRes(). ModSched: Moved to different resources locking "schM".
  • FIX:SYS: User API function SYS.strDecode() fixed for argument 2 using by default.
  • TCntrNode: Flags MkDisable, Disable, MkEnable, Enable renamed to DoDisable, Disabled, DoEnable, Enabled. The shift delete mode removed as flag NodeShiftDel, functions nodeDel() and chldDel() last argument removing.


  • SYS: Short global function-link rRnd() (into namespace OSCADA) to TSYS::realRound() is added. Static function TSYS::getCmdOpt_() variant is added for the using allow from the main start program. User API object XMLNodeObj expanded by function clear() for allow fast a node clean up from childs, text and/or attributes.
  • TRegExp: expanded by option 'u' for UTF-8 symbols allow and sets the force for UTF-8 locale.
  • Transport: User API objects are appended by functions: In::{status,addr}(), Out::{status,addr,timings}().
  • Archive: User API objects are appended by functions: TVArchive::{status,archivatorList,getVal}(), TVArchivator::status().


  • Switch to building by the OpenSCADA automatic packages builder and moving for the service updates providing "0.8.13.{S}" to signed for the technical support users,
  • Main start program "openscada" mostly rewrote for preferable demon mode produce: check and switch to the demon mode first; CoreDumpAllow process for left for the work process; check and create PID-file for the work process; same OpenSCADA core start.
  • FIX:TCntrNode: For Disabled nodes allowed to list also as checking for present.
  • FIX: The functions libraries early starting into load_() prevented by crashing at "openscada --help", into DAQ.JavaLikeCalc. DAQ subsystem set to ordered and to the modules priority property "HighPriority" added to place the first allow.
  • FIX: debian/rules made simplify and unified. "dh_installinit --no-start" set for prevent the service automatic start. debian/control: Depends for build with Qt5 is added.
  • FIX:Init scripts:
    • FIX:Debian: mostly improved, simplified, adapted to PID and fixed by remove force LC_ALL set and that break down individual LC_NUMERIC=C setting for different to C, POSIX or English locales.
    • ALTLinux: mostly improved, simplified, adapted to PID using and expanded by argument "--retry TERM/30/KILL/5".
    • Gentoo: mostly improved, simplified, adapted to PID and cleaned.
    • RH: mostly improved, simplified, adapted to PID and expanded by argument "-d 30".
  • TVarObj: The User API generic object's data resource locking Res replaced by pthread_mutex_t and the also used for connections to the objects.
  • signal() replaced by sigaction() and restoring original handlers at the TSYS destroy is added.
  • TArchives,TCntrNode,UI.VCAEngine: All remains operations with TArrayObj moved to arGet() and arSet().


  • FIX:FireBird: Prevent a table fix for key row as blr_varying. Configure template AX_LIB_FIREBIRD some adapted for configure and build that with headers into */include/firebird, like SuSE, and 64bit libraries, like Mandriva64.
  • MySQL: Address field "names" sense changed to "sets" (charset-collation-engine) for the append to DB creation and SET commands.
  • FIX:PostgreSQL: Entries duplicates and other ones miss for request fieldSeek() workaround is added by "ORDER BY" to the request append and the entries force sort. The build dependencies checking macros AX_LIB_POSTGRESQL some fixed for the results.
  • FIX:SQLite: Adapted to the keys description as the key position number.


  • FIX:ModBus,DAQGate,OPC_UA: Fix for return after the condition "!p->enableStat() || !p->owner().startStat()" into the value set function, for next and real writing prevent.
    • FIX: libOPC_UA: TranslateBrowsePathsToNodeIdsRequest service fixed for processing not OK paths, addition debug messages are added.
    • FIX: Big message's parts into the input protocol's part merge and wait fix.
    • FIX: Input: Possible spare requests part drop fix after no need for now and no error full requests.
    • FIX: OpcUa_Int64 type fixed by expand iN{u}() and oN{u}().
    • The type Array of simple types support added, AId_DataType processing for type Array into the server part is added.
    • For all limits control tab "Data" with the limits is added, limit limRetrQueueTm() for retransmission queue time control added.
    • OpcUa_BadMessageNotAvailable to the service "RepublishRequest" error is added and used.
    • Main integer changed from OpcUa_Int32 to OpcUa_Int64.
  • FIX:Siemens: LibnoDave version updated to 0.8.5 (last from 05/17/13), pointer to int cast fixed by replace the cast to long.
  • ICP_DAS: libi8k.a and the headers updated, watchdog for LP-8x81 by EnableWDT() replaced by EnableSysWDT().
  • FIX:JavaLikeCalc: Expanded by VM commands AddAss, SubAss, MulAss, DivAss for make optimal operations ++, --, +=, -=, *=, /=, with assigning; mostly for the operations to type "String" and spare memory reallocation prevent here for any appends. FIX: Equal and NotEqual the virtual machine functions adjusted for undefined object's properties correct processing by the processing generic as Real for not String types. Set for binary operations like "a = b+c+d+e;" using single temporary register and allow speed optimization for strings append mostly.


  • Sockets: Property MSS is added for control TCP-segment size for bad channels.


  • FIX: mLastGet of values processing fixed to inactive (without buffer) archives for only direct writing here.
  • FIX:FSArch: Repair values file's procedure fixed for fix value types and appended at last by not fixed type (like string) repairing code. Full tests chain passed for all fixing types to the sequential packing mechanism and the archive files errors repairing. The command line property "copyErrValFiles" replaced by directory "errors" present for copy the errors here.
    • FIX: Processing for remove the files by limits fixed for prevent fresh-new archive file removing for two archive files.
    • FIX: Strings archiving final fixed after last incomplete the string archiving fix into last value.
    • FIX: Free storage space lack checking added for prevent hang and data lost for messages and values.
    • The messages limits into the plain format archive expanded to 100000 symbols.
    • Tab "Files" is added for the messages and the values with detailed information about the archive's files.


  • SelfSystem: SingleUserHostLimit property added for the limit control and error message by the reach is added. Expanded by status - Active authentication sessions.
  • HTTP: Expanded by status - Active authentication sessions.


  • FIX:VCAEngine,Vision,WebVision:
    • FIX: For primitive "Diagram" expanded address variant "data:{XMLNodeData}" for allow miss "tm", "tm_grnd" and possibility set that in seconds by attribute 's'. Fix assigning loaded values but not the append to the values buffer for direct address variants "line:{value}" and "data:{XMLNodeData}".
    • FIX: View "Button" of the primitive FormEl adapted to the image scale for all the widget size and allowing cover all it space by the image.
    • Type "XY" to primitive "Diagram" support is added, by Y into unpaired and X into paired parameters.
    • True included widgets size scaling is added by scale edged point, for correct fit each to other at any scale.
    • To primitive ElFigure attribute "mirror" is added for providing the primitive's shapes mirroring. For UI.Vision implemented only main functions and some problems present now for arcs.
  • FIX:QTStarter: For main UI task destroy set timeout to 60 seconds and an execution generation allowed at the destroying timeout.
  • FIX:QTCfg:
    • FIX:LineEdit: The view "Integer" fixed to set allowed values limit [-2147483647:2147483647]
    • TextEdit: Strong words wrap set, mostly for long descriptions. The fields vertical fitting to full page added, for busy. Rewrote for internal layout remove.
  • FIX:VCAEngine:
    • FIX: Link to a widget's attribute from the widget by "wdg:a_XXX" fixed and prevented from crash into generic status.
    • FIX: User API operations mime() and mimeSet() used, tested and fixed for primitive "Diagram" source edition, storing into the session table and the result display, for SVG.
    • The function resource locking to a widgets library and a project loading and the enabling by need multiple entry and perform prevent. Some crashes and not full the data access prevent for the remote project's session executers.
  • FIX:Vision:
    • FIX:FormEl: Fixed sometime difference between real and seen value, mostly for discrete views ComboBox and CheckBox.
    • FIX:ElFigure: Prevented hangs at zero length from center to first radius of Arcs. Appending remnant from the widget placing into parent container temporary removed from scaleRotate() and unScaleRotate() for prevent flaws between inundations into some cases. Source code significant cleaned for next step. Some bugs fixed. Starting implement for mirroring. Some smarter control for control point 1 and 2 of Arc is added.
    • FIX: Prevented double free by later restoring user and the password after changing an user to unallowed for reading an user for the project's session.
    • FIX: Remote projects and sessions list obtain fixed to proper users for the started user's field.
    • FIX: Allowed coordinates value limited to [-1000000:1000000] by figures updating freeze into Qt for too big the values.
    • FIX: The primitive "Document" text global styles "font-weight" and "font-style" forcing removed and set only for the properties allows into the font widget's attribute, for allow working tags "<B>" and "<I>".
    • FIX: "Timeouted" messages at the running session restoring try, by the background project's data loading wait, oppressed and the main window closing ceased.
    • Primitive "Document" printing and exporting allowed from the context menu. Default printing set for alone and big (not lesser twice to main page) documents. Default exporting set for alone and big (not lesser twice to main page) documents or diagrams.
    • The main opened windows list to the module configure page status added, for remote control.
  • WebVision: "root" user or users into group "root" allowed for multiple sessions open into any cases.