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This update of the 0.8 LTS release fixes about 30 bugs and appends some improvements, which you can read wholly in the update ChangeLog.


  • TConfig,DB.*: Global noTransl() flag is removed as deprecated.
  • Security: Functions lName() and descr() is renamed to descr() and longDescr() accordingly to the DB fields for users and the groups.
  • TElem: Expand for create TFld from example-pattern of present TFld but different ID. TElem::fldClear() for fields clean up is added.
  • TVarObj: Expanded functions propGet() and propSet() for hierarchical access by the path.


  • TConfig,DB: For key detect addes and used isKey().
  • DB: Method TTable::fullDBName() is added.
  • DAQ.JavaLikeCalc: Built-in user API function tr() is added for call to translation of base constant string, the terminator for compatibility.


  • FIX:TCntrNode::chldPresent() set to detect as present all nodes, and that disabled now also. Mostly for detection by name set correct.
  • FIX: Task and the record force created for errors like the timeout start. Some crashes prevent.
  • FIX: Disable exeptions for the attribute's value set into NoWrite mode, simple return at that. Mostly for fix problems into DAQ.BlockCalc.
  • FIX: Security: Password size expand to more 8 symbols by switch to crypt MD5. Backward compatibility saved for stored passwords. Detected by Vasilij Grigoriev.
  • CntrIf,UI.{QTCfg,WebCfgD}: To table and further result flag "noReload" is added to "SET" request for control to reload big tables, also used into "Table" object of DB.
  • DAQ, DAQ.JavaLikeCalc, UI.{QTCfg,Vision}: Attribute "font" is added to syntax highlight rules root node for set default font config. Default font for JavaLikeCalc programms is set to "Courier".
  • To task status maximum call lag and consume is added for RT properties problems detect better.
  • XMLNode::childGet(): negative index support is added for count from end.
  • Using "LibGD" into OpenSCADA core disabled by default and instead used "SVG" mostly.


  • FIX: TBDS::dataDel() fix for remove records from config file after DB try, mostly for same DB records remove fix.
  • FIX:SQLite,MySQL,PostgreSQL,FireBird: Fixed for prevent load translation from no empty translation's DB field but disabled to translation.
  • FIX:FireBird: dataSeek() fix for no SELECT fields set.
  • MySQL,PostgreSQL,FireBird: Uses for zero length default TEXT type.


  • FIX: Flag "prcStRd" early set into redundant task is added for prevent wrong the task starting at the connection to remote station miss and crash at stop.
  • FIX:JavaLikeCalc: To function compileFunc() the resource added at "<auto>" function ID generation and prevent multiple attach to one.
    • FIX: Early start, at load, for function's libraries is added. Mostly for make allow the functions before DAQ.BlockCalc start.
    • Func::SysAttr flag removed for IOs "f_frq", "f_start", "f_stop", "this" and allow the storring by the libraries priority start.
  • FIX:Siemens: Resources allocation mostly revised and added global API resource for prevent crashes at the reconnection by parallel access and remaping the connections index. Source code mostly cleaned.
  • FIX:BlockCalc: Sort blocks procedure mostly rewrote for fix. Blocks table copy into BLOCK_SH prevent at the controller object copy.
  • DCON,ModBus: Tries apply for connections set by possible the send request breakdown and no response.
  • LogicLev: Link to object's property by path "{ModType}.{Cntr}.{Prm}.{Attr}#{ObjPath}" is added.
  • FIX:DAQGate: Processed parameters list cleaning moved from stop to disable stage. Pass empty parameter into separated attributes request mode is added, for traffic and overall request time decrease.
  • SoundCard: Expand for X86_64 specific with short framesPerBuffer call to CallBack function.


  • FIX:FSArch: Fixed for prevent doubles and wrong archives connection for later appended data sources and checking before new created is added. Point to the data area for last value index prevented for the type String.


  • FIX:TTransportIn: Early stop into postDisable() is added for prevent crash at stop into the destructor with freed data into heir object.


  • FIX:ModBus: Inconsistent diagnostic format of node to real counters fix.


  • FIX:VCAEngine,Vision: Changes down procedure mostly fixed and adapted for update the parent widget into open for edit state. Cells edition to view "Table" of primitive "FormEl" support is added.
  • QTCfg,Vision: Wait cursor set moved to already set and restore only after timeout 50 ms, for blink prevent and some DE load by that.
  • FIX:WebUser: Crash at new HTTP variable processing into a respond prevented.
  • FIX:QTCfg: Size policy for Boolean value into RO mode fixed. Table widget significant expanded by:
    • Enable vertical scrolling by pixels.
    • resizeRowsToContents expanded by rows height limit to 0.9 table height and call on header section mouse press, for refit.
    • String represent for multiline texts into ItemsDelegate rewrote for prevet wrong Qt eliding to line and other.
  • FIX:VCAEngine: Double set the pages to processing and the firstinited context lost prevented. Double call the pages to first execution from processing procedure and cascade from the top-level page is prevented.
    • FIX: Mime download expanded and fixed for projects.
    • Access to project's session time table unified by append the session attributes access functions sessAttr(), sessAttrSet(). The functions used to: primitive "Document", session's Style, edited resources by user's API functions "mime()" and "mimeSet()", "fromSess" and "toSess" user's API functions "attr()" and "attrSet()". Service "/serv/attrSess/" is added for access to session's attributes.
    • Inheritance support is added for owner and permition of the widgets.
    • Automatic sessions creation update at the module enable is added.
    • Access to DAQ properties of Object's type by path into links like "/DAQ/{Cntr}/{Prm}/{Attr}#/{oAttr1}/{oAttr2}" is added.
  • FIX:Vision: Set focus proxy from the edited widget container to the widget into development mode for allow the single focus source and included widgets selection lost at some cases.
    • FIX: Primitive "Diagram" fix for actual cursor set and the parameters value into the cursor position for significant time difference between the session server host and the session visualiser host, for arrears the cursor position to one period.
    • FIX: LineEdit widget some fix for apply real button size obtain and prevent the window size float.
    • FIX: Ticks lost for Slider view and related views deffects of primitive FormEl at press to the elements' container widget by prevent that's QEvent::MouseButtonPress and QEvent::MouseButtonRelease events global process.
    • FIX: Changes update after that apply into attributes manager of the widgets into group mode fixed to update different widget's attributes into the group and on the contrary for first widget into the group.
    • Resources cache mostly improved for make faster for access and update.
    • Run time window's position control and save is added by option "winPosCntrSave" enable and using new service "/serv/attrSess/". Screen number expanded for not only assign to different physical display and for independent position control and save.
    • Session set for automatic starting is added into parameter "Run projects list", mostly for connect to already started or background sessions.
    • Restore connection time control is added for remote connection to visualisation server hang prevent and display update.
  • WebVision: Scroll for the included containers correct for different variants. Images cache expanded clean up like to UI.Vision.
  • WebCfgD: Expanded for loading files WebCfgDVCA.html and WebCfgDVCA.js from work directory try. JavaScript code mostly cleaned and Table expanded for simplify control and exit from cells edit mode.


  • FIX:FLibSYS: strDec4Bin() function fix and expand by separator argument into default value " ", for compatibility restore.