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Sunday 02. August 2015

Notification mechanism of VCA expanding

The expanded notification mechanism of VCA provides:

  • Free notification types definition up to 8 (0...7).
  • A notification types description assigned to the VCA project by the main page user's attributes and on internal or external scripting languages.
  • Adaptive notification to: a resource generation for it, direct notification both the VCA-server or the visualizer; checking for allowed methods for notify like different speech synthesis engines and the languages.

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Monday 25. May 2015

Automatic OpenSCADA builder

Created and started to trace the Automatic Builder for OpenSCADA binary issues like: source and installation packages, PLC and board's firmwares, Live disks and so one.

For now implemented generic targets and the specific ones continued to.

For the generic targets are already provided the LTS version updates build at its releases and the Work version regular building, at new SVN-revision, see here.

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Sunday 08. March 2015

The conception of the data accessing by a user protocol

Founded: January 2010

Members: Roman Savochenko

Description: Next level, based on the Logical Level, is a conception of accessing the data by a user protocol, implemented whether directly into the template code or as a different User Protocol object into the Protocol.UserProtocol module, where you currently may also use the DAQ-templates.

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Wednesday 18. June 2014

Fundraising: The project server and hosting infrastructure update.

Short-terms and high priority fund-raising acted for The project server and hosting infrastructure update.

You are welcomed for participation and the project help!

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Monday 16. June 2014

The project,s fund page and fundrasing actions

Fund page is created for control the project fund and target fund-raising. There you can see whoever make help for whatever hardware or cash fund and also connects to the active fund-raising tasks then provide help for the project into the tasks, interests for you and generic.

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Saturday 05. October 2013

On October, 5th 2013 in city Kiev (Ukraine): The conference of developers and users of the free software — FOSS 2013: "OpenSCADA — targeted stabilization"

The conference was a success. On the conference was read the report about the target stabilization of the project OpenSCADA.

Great thanks for OSDN, [Root@UA]Media, and also personally Shigorin Michail and Bochkarjov Michail for the time spent out his busy schedule!

Unfortunately, due to the extremely uncomfortable conditions in the room (cold and draught), the report turned out blurry and not fully covered important issues, especially in the context of pre-date reports.

Will compensate the by the full report publication here!

The conference site: conference.osdn.org.ua[more]

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Thursday 01. August 2013

АСК ”Автоклавы"

Наименование: Автоматизация процесса контроля технологических режимов автоклавов при производстве силикатного кирпича

Разработчик: Шадюк Виктор

Изготовитель (партнер): ООО "Айстрим" DVV_61 at mail.ru, icestream at bk.ru

Завершен: 2013г[more]

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Tuesday 18. June 2013

Domain oscada.org OFF-LINE

During the last week, from 11.06.2013 to 18.06.2013, the domain "oscada.org" was not available for its intended purpose by the domain term renewal problems.[more]

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Friday 08. February 2013

OpenSCADA на АРМ оператора в Системе АСКДК нефтебазы

Наименование: Использование OpenSCADA на АРМ оператора в Системе АСКДК на нефтебазе филиала «Восточный» ОАО «Красноярскнефтепродукт»

Заказчик: ОАО "Красноярскнефтепродукт"

Генеральный Подрядчик: ООО "ТРЭИ-Холдинг" — филиал "ТРЭИ-Красноярск"

Субподрядчик: ООО "Квант"

Разработчик проекта АСУТП: ООО "ТРЭИ-Холдинг" — филиал "ТРЭИ-Красноярск"

Изготовитель и поставщик оборудования АСУТП: ООО "ТРЭИ-Холдинг"

Завершен: декабрь 2012г

Автор статьи: ведущий инженер АСУТП Кучерявый Р.О. («ТРЭИ-Холдинг», филиал «ТРЭИ-Красноярск»)

Описание: система предназначена для непрерывного измерения и контроля состояния окружающей технологические установки газовой среды на территории нефтебазы и является по своей сути системой противоаварийной сигнализации (ПОС)[more]

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