1 Releases of OpenSCADA system

1.1 Policy (started from 0.8)

OpenSCADA versions formed into two branches:

  • "Work": development-work version with night builds for some numbers and specific (subscription to support) Linux distributions.

0.9+rNNNN, where "NNNN" — SVN (SubVersion) revision number.

  • "LTS" (Long Term Support): Formal and public release of last "Work" version, at releasing time, with support up to next iteration: "Work" -> "LTS" (zero update number), "Work"++.

0.8.U.S, where:

"U" — Regular update number, 2-4 month. After the regular update period from "Work" version to "LTS" will be merging all fixes and improvements, also broken some API compatibility, but not broken the function and data compatibility, and U++.
"S" — Service update number. For any hot fixes automatic or manual (for specific) will be building service update (S++) version which allowed only for subscribed to official support consumers.

2 System documents

3 User API libraries

4 Graphic Elements' libraries of the OpenSCADA system

5 Documents to OpenSCADA modules