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OpenSCADA system is an open implementation of SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and HMI (Human-Machine Interface) systems. The main properties of the system are: openness(GPL), multiplatform, modularity and scalability. Read more here or learn system's functional characteristics here.

The site contains materials about OpenSCADA system and serves for granting the information on project, and also for the system development process control, together with the project's Wiki-resource.


Latest news:

Saturday 21. December 2013

Production release of OpenSCADA 0.8.0 LTS (update 9)

Production release is targeted for wide implementation to automations solutions for platforms Linux x86, x86_64 and ARM. The version is followed by long term support (LTS).

Update: (21.12.2013). Fixed about 40 bugs and append some improvements. Significant changes:

  • SYS:Modification controlled writing to the config file is added for prevent writing unmodified fields dependent from system environment. Global definitions OBJ_ID_SZ and OBJ_NM_SZ is added and used for all configuration's ID and NAME. Field's NAME limit length pass to configurators by field "idm", through OpenSCADA control interface.
  • DB: To functions TBDS::dataGet() and TBDS::dataSet() "forceCfg" flag is added for allow system data storing priority into config file. MySQL: MULTI_STATEMENTS requests is enabled, but process and return only first result.
  • Protocol.UserProtocol: To input transport's process procedure context is added attribute "tr" for input transport object...[more]

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Saturday 05. October 2013

On October, 5th 2013 in city Kiev (Ukraine): The conference of developers and users of the free software — FOSS 2013: "OpenSCADA — targeted stabilization"

The conference was a success. On the conference was read the report about the target stabilization of the project OpenSCADA.

Great thanks for OSDN, [Root@UA]Media, and also personally Shigorin Michail and Bochkarjov Michail for the time spent out his busy schedule!

Unfortunately, due to the extremely uncomfortable conditions in the room (cold and draught), the report turned out blurry and not fully covered important issues, especially in the context of pre-date reports.

Will compensate the by the full report publication here!

The conference site: conference.osdn.org.ua[more]

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Thursday 01. August 2013

АСК ”Автоклавы"

Наименование: Автоматизация процесса контроля технологических режимов автоклавов при производстве силикатного кирпича

Разработчик: Шадюк Виктор

Изготовитель (партнер): ООО "Айстрим" DVV_61 at mail.ru, icestream at bk.ru

Завершен: 2013г[more]

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Tuesday 18. June 2013

Domain oscada.org OFF-LINE

During the last week, from 11.06.2013 to 18.06.2013, the domain "oscada.org" was not available for its intended purpose by the domain term renewal problems.[more]

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Friday 08. February 2013

OpenSCADA на АРМ оператора в Системе АСКДК нефтебазы

Наименование: Использование OpenSCADA на АРМ оператора в Системе АСКДК на нефтебазе филиала «Восточный» ОАО «Красноярскнефтепродукт»

Заказчик: ОАО "Красноярскнефтепродукт"

Генеральный Подрядчик: ООО "ТРЭИ-Холдинг" — филиал "ТРЭИ-Красноярск"

Субподрядчик: ООО "Квант"

Разработчик проекта АСУТП: ООО "ТРЭИ-Холдинг" — филиал "ТРЭИ-Красноярск"

Изготовитель и поставщик оборудования АСУТП: ООО "ТРЭИ-Холдинг"

Завершен: декабрь 2012г

Автор статьи: ведущий инженер АСУТП Кучерявый Р.О. («ТРЭИ-Холдинг», филиал «ТРЭИ-Красноярск»)

Описание: система предназначена для непрерывного измерения и контроля состояния окружающей технологические установки газовой среды на территории нефтебазы и является по своей сути системой противоаварийной сигнализации...[more]

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