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OpenSCADA is an open implementation of SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and HMI (Human-Machine Interface) systems. The main properties of the program are: openness(Opens internal link in current windowGPL,GFDL), modularityscalability and multiplatform. Read more here or learn functional characteristics of the program here.

The site contains materials about OpenSCADA and it serves for granting information on the project, and also for the program development process control, together with the Opens external link in new windowproject's Wiki-resource.


Latest news:

Wednesday 31. May 2023

Automation Linux distributive of the project OpenSCADA

During of months of the OpenSCADA 0.9.6 releasing performed significant extension the Automation Linux Distributive:

• updating TDE to 14.0.13 and 14.1.0 — adaption all patches-fixes;

• initial appending the Calendar System from the World Creation at which year 2023 is 7531;

• fixing KDesktop, TDE HW Manager, noatun, TDESVN, basket, KGpg, KPDF, disabling thumbnails for video, than appending the new patched packages "tdelibs-trinity", "tdebase-trinity", "tdegraphics-trinity", "tdesvn-trinity" and "basket-trinity" to the distributive collection;

• some improving and updating KCalc, holiday_ua, korganizer;

• complete translation to Ukrainian for KDiff3 and showfoto;

• packages building with own patches for Debian 11,10,9,8,7 for finalisation the TDE 14.0 branch;

• switching the Debian 9 package base to the archive repository, after its official archiving;

• appending the Debian 11,10,9 distributives by packages of RHVoice — Speech synthesizer with many voices for ten languages;

• translation the...[more]

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Friday 31. March 2023

Unification the associated output transports to the input one AND the generic output transport connection

The associated output transports to the input one is about accepting connections at initiative of the external hosts and the localhost is already requesting for these ready connections. That is allowing for holding one server with real-static IP and many external clients with dynamic and "grey" IP. What implemented currently only for Transport.Sockets.

The generic output transport connection is appending the previous mechanism by a convenient way of connection to an external host with automatic transports creation at the normal connections and selection need transport from the external host initiative at its connection identifier.[more]

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Friday 10. March 2023

Productivity optimisation of the VCA interface

By default OpenSCADA interface designed for work in some fast enough carrying-live period (100 ms) which suitable mostly for active local Qt-interfaces of the module UI.Vision with high reactivity and on fast enough networks at working with the visualisation server. But currently you can tune your interface to achieve the loading decrease in times.[more]

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Saturday 04. February 2023

Complete revision the "API" document in the section "Control Interface and dynamic tree of program objects"

And the section "Service commands-functions" moved there as a subsection, the subsection "Service commands-functions" completely rewrote and appended by, and all these translated in Ukrainian.

The Control Interface is included in the TCntrNode object and it covers all nodes of the dynamic tree of the program, allowing uniform control of the program regardless of the client tool used. The Control Interface is made on the basis of the XML markup language and for which you can come up with many ways to use.

The information hierarchical structure contains information about public control elements and it can be used to build user dialogs of the node's control of the program.

The dynamic part contains scripts for servicing requests to the control elements, which are described in the information structure, and to hidden control elements in the form of service functions used for unified access to the node.

Sponsored by, for complete revision on 0.5 HD: SINGE SOFTWARE[more]

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Tuesday 10. January 2023

Messages Translation — multilingualism

OpenSCADA is a multilanguage interface program that supports the static messages translation from its foundation.

In version 0.8, it was provided by some elements of the dynamic massages translation, that is the possibility of building the user interface on several languages in different Web-sessions mostly. After a while there was appended the generic messages manager.

In version 0.9.5 the dynamic translation was completely revised and significantly expanded with stabilisation of all those changes up to 0.9.6 version. After that changes, there performed the Significant Unification the Common SQL-code for expanding the behaviour on all SQL DBs.

As the apogee of the expansion there became of creation the followed manual "How to Create multi language...[more]

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