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Task/Target Date/Progress
Version 1.0.0 LTS
Full and wide-ranging testing of OpenSCADA system.
Implementation of visual function of building custom software for the block, logic, ladder, and for visual construction of models of technological processes.
Adaptation for work on software platform "MS Windows®".
Version 0.9.0 LTS
Adaptation for work on software platform "Android". 90%
OpenSCADA knowledge and documenting WIKI-resource moving to a new engine with the structure unification for multi-language into the priority: English, Ukrainian, Russian, etc; and the print-ready copy generation in automatic at the releases and builds. 10%
Main Web-modules revision, actualization and some expanding. 90%
OpenSCADA expanding and adapting for direct working with the low-level buses and their devices like 1Wire, I2C. Implementation for "the Smart House" in my own apartments. 100%
Automation Linux distributive of the project OpenSCADA formal creation and documenting. 100%
Creation for Automatic build system of OpenSCADA packages. 100%
Moving for OpenSCADA server's infrastructure to self hardware and internet channel. 100%
DAQ.OPC_UA: Simplification, features rising and protocol's code moving to a separated library on LGPL v3. 100%
Version 0.8.0 LTS 04.2012
Implementation for undo mechanism of editing changes in development mode of Vision. 10.2011
OpenSCADA adaptation for work on a hardware platform ARM. 02.2011
Preparing for providing commercial services based on OpenSCADA. 11.2010
Version 0.7.0 LTS 10.2010
Stabilization and releasing for production version of OpenSCADA 09.2010
A new mechanism/module creation for OpenSCADA tests. 09.2009
A DB module creation for PostgreSQL. 08.2010
Version 0.6.4 10.2009
Realization of mechanisms of reservation of a subsystem "Data acquisition". 06.2009
Realization of support of arrays in language of the user programming JavaLikeCalc and in OpenSCADA as a whole. 07.2009
Realization of styles and the manager of themes in VCA. 08.2009
Carrying out of a transport and protocol part of the module DAQ.ModBus in the subsystem "Transports" and "Transport protocols". Realization for a mode "Slave" for ModBus network. 05.2009
Expansion API of the user programming by functions:
  • Management of sessions of the visual control area (VCA);
  • Management of the subsystem "Data acquisition" (DAQ).
Version 0.6.3 01.2009
Module WebCfg creation on DHTML with using XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX 12.2008
Creation for primitive "Document" of VCA. 12.2008
Creation for SSL transport module of secure sockets. 10.2008
Version 0.6.2 09.2008
VCA WebVision module updating for full-functional, in scope of elements of module Vision. 09.2008
Forum creation for OpenSCADA project. 08.2008
Functional OpenSCADA growing: The module for Siemens PLC data acquisition by library Libnodave making; Permissions control for access to VCA making. 06.2008
Developing and making conception of specialized notification and alarming. 05.2008
Version 0.6.1 03.2008
Practical user interfaces making. Library of the base elements and template pages of classical SCADA system making. 03.2008
Stabilisation and optimisation of OpenSCADA system, in particular of visual control area. 02.2008
Functional OpenSCADA growing: The data source module ModBus updating. 01.2008
Version 0.6.0 12.2007
The modules network mirror mechanism making. 04.2007
Making of generic protocol of OpenSCADA network communications 10.2006
Visual control area making, targeted for giving ability of visual control on dynamic data and it history. 03.2007
Version 0.5.0 04.2006
Value archive making for value's history storing by individual parameters. 01.2006
Logical level of parameters making, for self structure parameters making. 01.2006
Version 0.4.1 11.2005
WIKI-resource for OpenSCADA project making. 10.2005
The central table making for storing mirrored generic data of configuration file. 10.2005
Active sources data automatic detection making for module "OperationSystem". 10.2005