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This update is the last one update of the the 0.8 LTS release which mostly means as a transitional one for updating to 0.9 LTS. Have fixed about 30 bugs and append some improvements, which you can read wholly in the update ChangeLog.


  • SYS.*: Command line help unified in the function optDescr() for getting the hierarchical help in a string and for its printing in single place of the function TSYS::load_().
  • DAQ.JavaLikeCalc: The function String.toInt() of the user API set to the base "10" by default.
  • UI.{VCAEngine,Vision}: The term "quittance" renamed to "quietance", from the word "quiet" which is a logical one for the alarms, but the user API is remained compatible. Backported for implementing the modes "Load", "Save", "Menu" of the view "Button" of the primitive "FormEl" and the attribute "checkable" renamed to "mode"!
  • TFunction,TPrmTmpl,DAQ.JavaLikeCalc.FLib: Some control interface properties (ID, NAME, DESCR) set to relation with the DB configuration.


  • SYS:
  • The function cmdOptPresent() added and used only for the parameter presence checking.
  • DB.DBF,Archive.FSArch,UI.Vision: Added for generic control for permition of created files by OpenSCADA, by the command-line parameter "--permCrtFiles" and the function TSYS::permCrtFiles().
  • TRegExp: Backported for UTF8 flag support, unset by default. The attribute "err" added to the result array of the match() request.
  • The virtual functions TSubSYS::optDescr() and TModule::optDescr() added for the unified command line help.
  • Generic labels appended for messages categories by the function TMess::labMessCat().
  • DAQ.JavaLikeCalc: The user API expanded by the casting functions {Boolean,Integer,Real}.{toReal,toInt}().


  • *: Most original messages are revised and improved. All command line help messages of the core library and modules of OpenSCADA fully revised for the original texts and their translation to Ukrainian, Russian and German. "Template library" renamed to "Templates library", "Archives" renamed to "Archives-History", "ID" renamed to "Identifier".
  • TCntrNode: The node's disabling/disconnecting timeout is based on the standard STD_WAIT_TM(10) and, when it is exit it is set to STD_WAIT_TM*5, instead of DEF_TIMEOUT.
  • A new command-line argument --consoleCharSet added for control the console charset, for messages and help.
  • The command-line argument --modDir was added as a copy of the configuration file parameter "ModDir".


  • {SQLite,MySQL,PostgreSQL,FireBird}: Translation columns creation at the table fixing added for already and partial translated tables into the non multi-language mode.


  • {TPrmTempl,JavaLikeCalc}: Finished and tested at the implementing the class TPrmTempl::Impl of the using unification of the DAQ templates.
  • SNMP: Expanded for the connection error control at the parameter level.


  • The archivers' objects copying prevented from copy the configuration field "ADDR", prevented from startup and fixed for copying addition properties.
  • Fixed for archivers loading at some archive module missing.
  • FSArch: Cache access moved under a critical section, for preventing crashes at high load. Hardly prevented from the configuration field "ADDR" changing in the running, both for messages and values. A procedure of the configuration field "ADDR" checking for duplicates added. Archive files renamed to the format "%F %H.%M.%S" to allow their creation on FAT.
  • DBArch: Fixed for single-value request of the value archive.


  • Serial: Added for measuring of the maximum char symbol time of the output transports in the requesting and debugging mode.


  • {VCAEngine,Vision,WebVision}: The primitive "Text" was appended by an attribute "inHtml" and the support of display HTML.
  • FIX:{QTStarter,QTCfg,Vision}:
    • Most Qt objects removing moved to use deleteLater(), for safe removing under processEvents() call.
    • Size of icons and fonts made adaptive from the main-system font real size by the new function icoSize(), for: the main window initial size, the title font, toolbars' icons, the navigation tree's icons, the control tree view, the splitter width.
    • The QTStarter menu forming changed for make the actions independent but the problem of the native menu bar forming in Unity.
    • Force switching to the style QPlastiqueStyle() (Qt4) or QCommonStyle() (Qt5) was removed by the implementing the control of the look and feels in OpenSCADA.
  • {VCAEngine,Vision}: Some measures were performed to allow the full-featured "hot" development for already running and remote sessions:
    • The projects expanded by the using sessions accounting for new pages hot enabling on the sessions.
    • FIX: The attribute "value" of the primitive "FormEl" prevented from the modification flag set at the type change.
    • FIX: Restored and fixed for hot tracing into sessions of changes into widget's links.
    • Implemented for hot update of the widget procedures of the runtime mode.
    • ElFigure: Some properties of the common part of the developing mode were moved to the private widget part.
  • QTStarter: Expanded by the Look and Feel control itself and its profiles support from the configuration file table "LookFeel" of the module, for: Generic font, Widgets style, Palette, CSS style.
  • QTCfg:
    • Fixed, in the closing mostly, for processing of requests into the different threads and for crashes at opened warning-error dialogs.
    • Forming item's WhatsThis, ToolTip and StatusTip is unified moving to one function setHelp().
    • The fitting mechanism of the vertically-scalable items was made: reseting for the previous fitting, faster and more precision.
  • VCAEngine:
    • Prevented from saving not enabled yet items at "enableByNeed".
    • Archive mode of the primitive "Document" improved by the specific attributes set to the new mode Attr::NotStored. Prevented from the missing attributes warnings at switching the primitive "Document" to the dynamic mode.
  • Vision:
    • Scaling the main runtime window made absolute, from the window original size.
    • The InputDlg widget expanded for controlled save and restore the window size, for very expanded ones on the example of the fullsized text edition.
  • WebVision: The modes "Menu", "Load" and "Save" of the view "Button" of the primitive "FormEl" are implemented.