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[TaskProcess] Release of the OpenSCADA 0.9 LTS

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Сообщение создано: 05. 02. 2018 [12:58]
Roman Savochenko
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Base: Road map
Funding: nope
Begin: 05.02.2018
Completion: 05.2018
Priority: high
Complexity: high and after finishing
State: Important documentations and functions processing.
Participants: Roman Savochenko
Objective The actual LTS base 0.8 of OpenSCADA is mostly outdated (but supported yet) and has got some significant limitations but the current Work version 0.9 is ready for the LTS role already.

The significant sub-tasks are set for implemented independently from the time limit and then they are conditional ones of the task:
07.02 D:UserAPI: revise and expand by a tree of the user objects of OpenSCADA.
07.02 F:UI.Vision.ElFigure: Some properties of the common part of the developing mode move to the private widget part — for allowance of the feature of the parallel edition at widgets of the primitive execution.
16.03 D:FAQ, HowTo: revision, refactoring and translation to Ukrainian, without "Create module".
18.02 F:MeeGo: finish the environment processing and fix the current state. Connect QSensor and test it.
10.04 D:QiuckStart revision, expanding and translation to Ukrainian.
12.03 F:Android: The adaptation finish by the last OpenSCADA version build and test for different versions of Android; fix the current state:
+ Build the last OpenSCADA
+ Test for the projects manager, windows opening, Look and Feels and Android sensors through QSensor or append their as the native ones.
+ Asus Nexus 7 2013: update to 5,6 and try OpenSCADA.
22.04 D:Prepare announce of the release 0.9 LTS on the generic languages.
30.03 F:UI.WebVision some expanding for the view "Button" of the primitive "FormEl" extension.
11.05 D:ModBus, LogicLev, DAQGate, FSArch, DAQ: Revision.
30.04 FD:RPi, OrPi: make unified, rename BCM2835 to GPIO; document the current state.
10.05 F: Moving the runtime of the UI.Vision to requesting the data model differently from the main Qt thread, whole generalization, unification and stabilization of it for Qt-modules UI.{QTStarter,QTCfg,Vision} — some problems of Qt-objects deletion in cascade calls of processEvents().

26.05 D:UI.VCAEngine: revision and translation to Ukrainian.
19.05 F: Expanding some OpenSCADA parts to use the DAQ templates: controllers of DAQ.JavaLikeCalc, Protocol.{ModBus,UserProtocol} and UI.WebUser.
28.05 D:DB.ODBC,DAQ.MMS: form of the documents.
29.05 D:DB.LDAP: translate.
30.05 D:DAQ.BFN, UI.Vision: revise and translate.
31.05 D:DAQ.AMRDevs: move, revise and translate.
02.06 Release the last 0.8.20 LTS update.

Learn, learn and learn better than work, work and work.
Сообщение создано: 05. 02. 2018 [13:11]
Roman Savochenko
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Сообщения: 3402
The optional sub-tasks which are desirable to do before the OpenSCADA 0.9 releasing date 05.2018 and which will be continued after the release, most of them from the task "The knowledge base moving to a new Wiki engine" here:
06 D:DB.{SQLite,MySQL,PostgreSQL,FireBird,DBF}, Transport.{Serial,SSL}, Protocol.{SelfSystem,UserProtocol,HTTP}, DAQ.{System,DCON,OPC-UA,ICP-DAS,Siemens,DiamondBoards,Comedi,SMH2Gi}, Archive.DBArch, UI.{QTCfg,WebCfgD,WebCfg,WebVision,WebUser}, Special.{FLibSYS,SystemTests,FLibMath,FLibComplex1}: revision
06 F:DAQ.OPC-UA: Finish for the tasks: policies of authentication support on the server part, the mode of pooling by "Publish" and Chunks support on the client part.
06 D:Libs.{Controllers,Service procedures,Regulation elements,Documents,Technological apparatuses,Electrical elements,Main elements,Mnemo elements}: move, revise and translate.
06 D:Libs.TmplBase: create the document.
06 D:API: move, revise and translate.

Learn, learn and learn better than work, work and work.