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[TaskProcess] Knowledge base moving to a new Wiki engine

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Повідомлення створено: 01. 08. 2017 [21:11]
Roman Savochenko
Зареєстрован(а) с: 12.12.2007
Повідомлення: 3254
Base: Road map
Funding: nope
Begin: 21.12.2015
Priority: high
Complexity: high and long term
State: Main pages migration, updating, appending and translation.
Participants: Roman Savochenko (common work)
Objective Actual knowledge base (on WackoWiki) moving to a new Wiki engine on MediaWiki but the previous Wiki mostly deprecated and has more limitations and inconveniences and it is a condition of OpenSCADA 0.9 LTS releasing.

Estimation [Wacko,Media]:
10*[10,?] compatibility or simplicity for the original Wiki content migration;
9*[0,10] multilanguage from box;
8*[0,10] UTF-8;
9*[8,?] big page's content;
9*[10,3] subpages including;
5*[3,10] correct searching;
4*[2,?] syntax highlighting for source texts;
4*[?,10] allow template/skeleton pages for include as IFRAME into TYPO3, test on FAQ and also for OpenSCADA;
4*[3,10] easy for print-ready documentation generation from Wiki, see to different tools: export through LaTEX, asciidoc, pandoc, DocBook, htmldoc;

21.12.2015 MediaWiki test deploy
20.07.2017 MediaWiki final configuration and preparing to migration
30.07.2017 A new clean structure of the Wiki creation
(*) Main pages migration, updating, appending and translation for: Home, About, Work, Work/Road map, Functions and demands, Using
01.08.2017 Cross-links between old and new Wikis. Switching to the new Wiki on the main site.
01.08.2017 Try and work-out of using articles of the Wiki on the main site.
(-) WackoWiki Converter work-out for simplify the migration.
(-) A procedure creation for user accounts of the main-site (TYPO3) sync to the new Wiki.
(-) Core documents migration, updating, appending and translation.
(-) Switch OpenSCADA to the online documentation on the new Wiki.
(-) A script creation for prepare the offline documentation from the new Wiki.

Learn, learn and learn better than work, work and work.
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