This section contains the most interesting and complex solutions implemented by OpenSCADA. Full list of the solutions based on OpenSCADA you can get by Opens external link in new windowthe link. However, the full list is not exhaustive and mainly contains the work done by the project team of OpenSCADA and users who decide to publish their work.

If you have your own implementation based on the solutions OpenSCADA and wish for them to say, then you can yourself place them in the knowledge base atthe conditions, as this Wiki, with further possibility of publishing here.


Saturday 15. September 2012

Dispatching system of the poultry-yard

  • 2017-12-09: completely finished, added BFN7,9, moved Aviary #8 to BFN #9
  • 2016-05-17: moved Aviary #3,4 to a new BFN
  • 2014-11-24: formally finished for the works, added Aviary #2 and #40
  • 2012-09-04: added Aviary #39 and halls 41, 42 into the collected aviary "Cell"
  • ...

Founded: November 2010

Members: Roman Savochenko, Maxim Lysenko

Description: Creating a dispatching system of the poultry-yard and development a OpenSCADA module of obtaining the current data and the alarms of the information concentration module BFN(BigFarmNet) of the poultry automation from the "Big Dutchman" company.

Initially created: in the old Wiki[more]

Wednesday 01. February 2012

OpenSCADA generic embedding and programmable logical controllers (PLC). OpenSCADA adaption to the hardware platform ARM.

Implemented in many embedded solutions and continued to be implement in new ones, is appended for:

  • new solutions;
  • performance measurements for the processing systems used by OpenSCADA;
  • properties for the storages related to OpenSCADA.

Founded: October 2008

Members: Roman Savochenko

Description: This project is dedicated for the generic conception of OpenSCADA embedding to different hardware and creation of: runtime environments of PLC, PLC firmware and hardware configurations of specialized PLC's. Considered embedding to systems based on architectures x86 and ARM.[more]

Sunday 01. January 2012

Build the OpenSCADA project for mobile devices of the Nokia company (N800, N900, N950)

Name: NokiaLinux

Start: december 2010

Performers: Roman Savochenko, Maxim Lysenko

Description: The project is dedicated to building the OpenSCADA project for the mobile devices of the Nokia company (N800, N900, N950) on the Linux platforms Maemo and MeeGo.

Materials: ftp://ftp.oscada.org/OpenSCADA/Devices/Nokia[more]

Friday 23. September 2011

Building OpenSCADA and firmware for ARM-controllers of ICP DAS company (LP-5141)

Name: LP-5xxx

Start: august 2011

Finish: september 2011

Version: 1.0.0

Performers: Roman Savochenko

Description: The project is dedicated to building the OpenSCADA and firmware for ARM controllers of the LP-5xxx and LP-8x{3|4}x series of the ICP DAS company.

Materials: ftp.oscada.org/OpenSCADA/PLC/LP5xx1[more]

Monday 01. August 2011

Prescriptions Library

Library of elements of scenarios of the technological operations — prescriptions.

Version: 1.1, 1.1

License: GPLv2

Author: Roman Savochenko

Founded: September 2011

Sponsored by: Vassily Grigoriev, the Laboratory of Vacuum Technologies

Sponsored by, about the controller templateization: Magomed, SAVTECH

Initially created: in the old Wiki

Used by: Automated control system for vacuum processing unit[more]

Sunday 12. June 2011

Apartment house automation — "Smart House" (HouseSpirit)

Implementation of the apartment house automation project — "Smart House" (HouseSpirit).

Finished: 12 06 (June) 2011

Founded: 28 03 (March) 2011

Members: Roman Savochenko

Location: Russia, Khanty-Mansiysk city

Customer: Oleg Sidashov

Initially created: in the old Wiki[more]

Thursday 01. July 2010

ACS TP of the ball mills "ШБМ 287/410" of the boiler "БКЗ 160–100 ПТ"

Company: «Kramatorskteploenergo» Ltd.

Work: Automation of the loading of two ball mills "ШБМ 287\410"

Start date: 07.2009


  • Belousov E.M. - engineering manager
  • Sadovoi A.V. - scientific adviser
  • Savochenko R.A. - development of the PLC firmware, programming of the PLC and top-level
  • Lysenko M.S. - top-level programming
  • Zaichuk E.N. - development of algorithms
  • Birukov V.V., Lesov L.I. - control cabinet's design


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