Main rules of the OpenSCADA project's forum

This forum belongs to project OpenSCADA and serves as a platform for discuss and solve questions about exclusively to the project.

The forum reading allowed for all visitors of the site but for writing possibility you need for necessarily pass the register procedure. Novice user will allowed for write possibility to the forum, rise the rating which the messages quantity into the forum rising, and also you can receive special status:

  • Contributor — contributor/participant of the project OpenSCADA. Set for help to the project not directly related the development.
  • Sponsor — the project sponsor for financial, material or technical help.
  • Developer — the participant which code was in the source tree of the project.
  • Moderator — the user has the rights for control compliance with these rules on the forum and for disable users to violate them.
  • Disabled — the user disabled to violate the rules and have not more possibility for writing to the forum but have possibility for writing personal to repentance.

Main rule for discussion at the forum is mutual respect and exclusion foul language, which violation cause to immediate disabling the user and removing all the "utterances"!

Main goal for the forum is providing for users possibility to mutual aid in decision questions about OpenSCADA, except some forums, such as "Bug tracker", with specific status and individual rules which complement this.

Proceeding from this the developer, also at direct appeal to it, should not  reply here to the questions by busy into the main development process and follow lack of time for:

  • comments to destructive and unprofessional notes on the structure and decisions OpenSCADA;
  • retelling documentations and searching for user about present at the forum replies;
  • consultations about the employment with deep understanding to the user specifics;
  • writing examples for personal user's task.

Ie if you waiting respectful response directly from the developer then omit please questions which issuing writing above, which inevitable regarded as insult (do not appreciate the time developers, and often self also) with appropriate reaction from sharp responses to disable. If you get the same sharp reply from the developer with comments about the reply presenting into the documentation then take that as comment about the rules violations and saving your time, but alternative to that is futile or continuous waiting the reply from user which want spend self time to you.

Conclusion! On the forum you can get free support about the project OpenSCADA from other users and limited from the developers, but no a guaranty for that. For guaranteed support you can always got to section "Внутренняя ссылка открывается в текущем окнеServices".

User may be disconnected in cases:

  1. Foul languages and insulting an opponent, ie the instigator well be disabled.
  2. Challenging behavior, bordering on a personal insult.
  3. Violations of the individual rules of the specialized forums.

Disabled user will turn to status "Disabled" and for it will send link to the rules or the rules of specialized forums included point to concrete reason.

The access for disabled user can be turn back in cases:

  • forgiving from offended side by personal message to the moderator from him;
  • confessing self guilt and promising for no more the rules violation further, into personal message to the moderator.

Be respect and appreciate nerves and time for each other!