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OpenSCADA is an open implementation of SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and HMI (Human-Machine Interface) systems. The main properties of the program are: openness(Opens internal link in current windowGPL,GFDL), modularityscalability and multiplatform. Read more here or learn functional characteristics of the program here.

The site contains materials about OpenSCADA and it serves for granting information on the project, and also for the program development process control, together with the Opens external link in new windowproject's Wiki-resource.


Latest news:

Thursday 18. June 2020

The industrial devices library of the DAQ-source templates is appended for a template of the protocol IEC-62056

IEC 62056 is a set of standards for electricity metering data exchange. The IEC 62056 standards are the international standard versions of the DLMS/COSEM specification.

In the way of the protocol implementation the module of the internal calculations JavaLikeCalc was expanded for the internal functions recursive execution!!!

State of the protocol implementing: CLIENT of the specification PART 46; reading of the directly specified OBISes.

Total complexity: 3.3 HD

Sponsored by: SVItoVYR Ltd for whole complexity

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Wednesday 17. June 2020

Expanding the configuration data storage in the config-file

The OpenSCADA configuration data storage in the configuration file by the functions TBDS::dataSeek(), TBDS::dataGet() and TBDS::dataSet(), expanded for work with the configuration XML-context, some common improved and fixed.

The configuration XML-context of the configuration functions applied for interstation copying of the main OpenSCADA configurators and in a new module BD.DBGate.[more]

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Friday 15. May 2020

The OpenSCADA release versions completed by implementing the service updates

Service updates is a part of the LTS version 0.9.U.S, where "S" is the service updating number. The service updates are built for any critical fixes, automatically or manually (for specific), and their allowed only for consumers subscribed to the official support — purchased an actual package of the technical support.

The first service update have done on the version, which built currently only for CentOS 8 and for a technical supported consumer. The consumer by this service update have got about 10 operative fixes.

The service updates are useful ones to keep your stable OpenSCADA-projects actual and fixed between the main updates cycle, when the fixings are performed operatively and also at your claims.

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Wednesday 08. April 2020

The FIRST update to the production release of OpenSCADA 0.9 LTS

The update 0.9.1 (8.04.2020) to the production release of long term support (LTS) targets to upgrade present installations of the production version for fix known for now problems and expand its to some improvements with operative services updates providing here for signed to the technical support service users.

Generically the update have fixed about 250 bugs and have appended many improvements...[more]

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Sunday 22. March 2020

The regulation elements library is finished in the forming-revision

The library is created to provide functions of different control algorithms and it can be used in programmable logic controllers (PLC) based on OpenSCADA for construction control schemes in the module DAQ.BlockCalc. The library is not static, but based on the module JavaLikeCalc, allowing to create calculations on the Java-like language. The functions' names and its parameters are available in languages: English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Forming of the library was finished by complete documenting and revising.[more]

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