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[TaskDone] IEC 60870-5 acquisition protocol implementation

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Written on: 23. 10. 2012 [16:17]
Roman Savochenko
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Base: actuality and some requests
Funding: Successful finished. The task result fund is 100% to the real work time (laboriousness).
Priority: high
State: Done
Investors: Ustijancev Michael: 100% to the real work time (laboriousness) and the hardware access
Project page: http://oscada.org/wiki/Special:MyLanguage/Libs/Devices#IEC60870

IEC 60870 part 5 is one of the IEC 60870 set of standards which define systems used for telecontrol (supervisory control and data acquisition) in electrical engineering and power system automation applications. Part 5 provides a communication profile for sending basic telecontrol messages between two systems, which uses permanent directly connected data circuits between the systems.

Implementation status, part 104:
(+) Client-Master: Data exchanging conception.
(+) Client-Master: Data model integration and reflection to the OpenSCADA objects: the template to DAQ.LogicLev, all data (DI, DO, AO) acquisition-gather to object's attribute "items"; manual set attributes for direct representing by "itemsSet"; writing-commands support by object "items" and direct attributes.
(+) Client-Master: Function: STARTDT, STOPDT, TESTFR, Ack, C_IC_NA_1, C_CI_NA_1, C_SC_NA_1, M_SP_NA_1, M_ME_NB_1, C_CS_NA_1
(+) Client-Master: Debug and practical adaptions
(+) Preparing and placing to the OpenSCADA devices library, on the user protocol's conception. Documenting.

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